Patriots NT Vince Wilfork's Wife Saves Him From Suspension

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    Commissioner Roger Goodell was poised to suspend New England Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork due to his previous illegal hits over the past two seasons, but a DVD from the Patriots' video department saved him from at least a forced week off this season, league sources told ESPN. Wilfork's wife Bianca, who joined Wilfork for the meeting, handed Goodell the DVD with a different camera angle that showed Wilfork may not have hit Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler in the head on a play in the Oct. 20 meeting between the Broncos and Patriots.

    Source: Chris Mortensen, ESPN
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    Cow should have stayed home :icon_rolleyes:
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    first the win a few super bowls for NE. now they stop a suspenson. the NE video department deserves a raise
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    Isn't video taping a NFL game against the law and a copy right infraction?