Patriots QB Tom Brady Wants WR Randy Moss To Return In 2011

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  1. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady isn't flustered by the fiery postgame comments issued by wide receiver Randy Moss, who said he doesn't feel appreciated by the team and that waiting until after the season to get a new contract would be "a smack in my face." Brady, who capped off a memorable week that included a car crash and a contract extension with Sunday's 38-24 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, spoke at length with WEEI-AM's "The Dennis & Callahan Show" on Monday morning. Brady made it clear that he'd like to have Moss back next season. "I told (Moss) the way I felt," Brady said. "I mean, I'm telling you, every quarterback in the league would want him on their team. He's a great player, he's a dominant player." Brady suggested that Moss doesn't demand star treatment and understands his place in the organization. "I think there's times when he's got a good matchup, and he wants the ball and he needs the ball, that he expects it," Brady said. "But at the same time, he knows that if there's two guys on him or three guys on him ... he's OK with it going the other way. He's like anybody. Any good player wants the ball." There's more than enough room for Moss and productive wide receiver Wes Welker on the Patriots' offense, according to Brady. "I know what's best for our offense, and having those two guys together is of utmost importance," he said. "And I think both those guys know how important it is to have each other. "Like I said, the pressure can't always be on him on our offense -- on Wes and Randy," Brady added. "Then it's not a very good offense."

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    About 90% chance he'll stay in NE... but I have seen owners do some crazy stuff every so often. Pats did win 3 SB's without Moss.