Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez To Be Arrested In Connection With Homicide

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    New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez will be arrested in connection with a homicide near his suburban Boston home, according to a tweet Thursday morning from senior sports producer Steve Silva.

    Authorities on Thursday morning returned to the industrial park where the body of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd had been found on Monday, Boston’s WFXT-TV reported on its website. The station, citing a law enforcement official, also reported that Hernandez "appears to be directly tied" to the slaying, and that Hernandez, Lloyd and two other men had left a Boston bar together in a car driven by Hernandez on the night Lloyd was killed.

    Forensic evidence places a vehicle driven by Hernandez at one of the crime scenes, the station reported.

    Source: Sporting News
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    ICECOLD 1st Stringer

    Wow, this is crazy
  3. JEMicklos

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    Hernandez is at Gillette Stadium right now. He left his house about 30 min ago. Arrived at Gillette about 15 minutes ago.
  4. TheSnowman

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    Jesus. Looking forward to watching this develop today
  5. JEMicklos

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    Some reports have stated that a warrant was issued for his arrest at 9:30 A.M. EST today. Other stations have yet to confirm or deny.
  6. K Train

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    well that developed quickly
  7. Omen

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    I just hearsd on radio that his vehicle is being followed by a helicopter on the high way.

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  8. JEMicklos

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    His vehicle was followed to the stadium. He entered the stadium, about 25 minutes ago
  9. JEMicklos

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    Police say that Hernandez was involved in a incident outside of Karma Nightclub on June 6th. The police are being tight lipped right now
  10. Steve12

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    Holy crap man this is crazy.
  11. JEMicklos

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    A police cruiser pulled up to Gillette Stadium, spoke with the security guard, then left. Hernandez has yet to exit Gillette.
  12. Crowned

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    Huge hit to the Patriots if he misses any time.
  13. JEMicklos

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    Hernandez has just left Gillette Stadium
  14. JEMicklos

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  15. JEMicklos

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    He stopped at a gas station, and 2 reporters with cameramen in tow pounced. He's essentially stuck unless he runs somebody over
  16. JEMicklos

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    Dude tried to get out a pump gas, was mobbed. He left
  17. Crowned

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    So is he evading arrest or just being followed by a news chopper?
  18. K Train

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    no cop cars, very boring lol
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    This comment on Deadspin made me laugh: