Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez To Be Arrested In Connection With Homicide

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by Sweets, Jun 20, 2013.

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    at this point, if he misses 'any' time, it will be forever (as in he will never play football again if he is found guilty because he will be in jail until he is an old man).

    it is being reported that hernandez destroyed his cell phone, home video surveillance system, and had a team of house cleaners scrub his house clean on Monday. If Aaron didn't pull the trigger, he's an accessory.
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    Update to original article:

    UPDATE: Thursday afternoon, the Boston Herald cited law enforcement sources as saying there was no current warrant for Hernandez's arrest.

    Police have another warrant to search Hernandez's home, according to ABC News. It is based on evidence that "he destroyed his home security system,'' which included video surveillance. Sources also told ABC a cell phone used by Hernandez was smashed before being turned over to investigators.

    There is a little more, things don't sound good for Hernandez.
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    In the back of my mind I figured he had something to do with it.
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    I'll be the first to admit I never thought he did, but this looks like its going to get real rough. If what's being reported is accurate, he's definitely an accessory at this point.
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    I wish I didn't find it so difficult to believe anybody could be this freaking stupid, but I do.
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    lol id almost be surprised if he didnt pull the trigger at this point. Urban Meyer sure brought up a good group of kids lol....35 arrests all hidden by the golden light of tebow...freaking brilliant

    [ame=]Chewbacca defense - YouTube[/ame]
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    I can't stand how conflicting reports have been out of Boston considering warrants and such

    This message has been brought to you by Hell. You really don't want to come here! :)
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    Phenomenal!! Better than Favre drama!
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    you guys dont know what its like! He's just keeping it real, son. He came up on the mean suburban streets of Bristol, Connecticut. Y'all don't know what it's like being male, middle class, and (almost) white.
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    [ame=]Malibu's Most Wanted-Gamecast - YouTube[/ame]
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    [ame=]Hernandez's Home Security System Smashed - YouTube[/ame]
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    Survellience Video has been found...

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    Its somewhat amazing the sheer amount of information that is being released in this matter.

    Typically law enforcement is more tight lipped about these investigations but we seem to know just about everything they know.

    Very strange. And it makes me wonder if somehow publicizing so much of the info might end up screwing up the prosecution for some reason.
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    I agree Captain. Those facts and the fact that it went zero to 60 in the short amount of time that it much info...
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    Yep, for some reason, I'm just getting this feeling that the police are not doing a good job with this whole thing and it may end up being another o.j.thing where they get off simply because the police blundered the investigation.
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    [ame=]Lethal Weapon Complete Collection -- Red Wire Bomb - YouTube[/ame]

    For Christ sake...

    Make up your minds.
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    ok, well now pretty much everyone is reporting that hernandez will be arrested but only for obstruction at this point.
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    interesting article here that explains this may turn out to be very similar to the ray lewis case

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    Pretty incredible...