Patriots To Receive 3rd Round Pick From Vikings For Randy Moss

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  1. I don't buy the fact that New England may be thinking about next year....not when you're 3-1.
  2. This latest matchup with Moss vs. Revis could be special.....if Moss eventually gets a long-term deal with the Vikings at some point.....this could be the last time they lineup against one another. Moss will be 37 when the Vikings and Jets play each other again in the regular season.
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    I agree they'll try to make a run this year, but I really think this team is being built for next year on. We are a couple of players away from a SB talented team, but with the draft picks available, we are set to fill our needs in the draft or as trade material. We just got too old at once, and needed some rebuilding.
  5. Moss will be No. 6....

    Michael Signora:
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    Even better...Halloween!! Moss returns to Foxboro.
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    ok, here's the deal. if the pats gave away moss for just a 3rd rounder, they obviously didn't intend on re-signing him and just wanted to get something in return. If it was a 1st and a 3rd, then the vikings gave up the farm to try and save this season and the pats had to do it.
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    And just think, they could have had Vincent Jackson for for two 2's... yea, good luck SD:Loco:
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    Wow....I never expected this move...
  11. Adam Schefter:
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    No surprise at all. His attitude was becoming the old Moss, I don't want to play here and I'm taking games off. No fire at all, and he was suppose to be a leader. I guess he had asked for a trade earlier, so he got his wish.
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    Somewhat related yet not, Vincent Jackson has to be going crazy at this point. You're telling me the Chargers wouldn't have taken a 3rd and 7th in '12 for Jackson? I'd MUCH rather have Moss.

    But very related, great return by the Pats. They generally draft really well so having a 3rd and that Brady pick, I bet they turn that into magic!
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    We all love to see Randy play, but he's moody as Hell. If he doesn't get his way, and his butt kissed on a regular basis, he shuts down. His head has never been screwed on straight, and we needed to get rid of him fast or sign him for the farm. The farm wasn't an option so we did what we had to do. It's hard to get the young guys fired up and playing together with him sitting on the bench with the old Moss, I don't give a crap attitude.
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    All I have to say is 10/31 when Moss, Farve and the Vikings show up @ Gillette Stadium, look out!
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    How great would it be to see Favre throw a TD to Moss, and both them do this in the Lambeau endzone?
  17. According to the Vikings official site.....Randy Moss will wear his old No. 84 with Minnesota.

    From their homepage.....

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    Yet another reason for me to dislike NE. As if Spygate wasn't enough.

    He takes great joy in beating the Cowboys every year. NE, why couldn't you keep him in the AFC?:icon_frown:
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    WWhen did this happen? whoa!?
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    a little late posting on gif but: FINALLY MOSS HAS COME minnesota.

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    i forget which eagles fan i debated this with, but looks like i was right saying childress would have a more potent offense than the eagles within 3 years. childress with: moss, favre, ap, schiancoe, harvin, rice. reid: kolb or vick (yawn), [i know, favre's old decrepid, cant throw, blah blahblah, still better tha kolb and vick], jackson end debate.:icon_cool: