Patriots WR Justin Edelman Surpasses Joey Galloway?

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by SRW, Oct 4, 2009.

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    Make it a perfect four for four for Patriots veteran wide receiver Joey Galloway. It's hard to give a down to a player that didn't play, but the performance of the Patriots offense without Galloway didn't bode well for his future in Foxborough. Rookie Julian Edelman is clearly ahead of Galloway and has earned Brady's trust, something Galloway doesn't have, which likely led to him being inactive.

    Source: Boston Globe

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    After last week, I figured Galloway was done. Brady about blew a nut over Galloways performance. Edelman is more the backup to Welker, and future slot guy, but Brady would rather have him out there than Joey " I don't have a clue" Galloway.:icon_rolleyes:
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    How many times can someone drop a pass and expect to lace up?
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    joey just doesn't know how to catch a pass fron a real qb
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    Not surprising. It is surprising that Galloway is still on this team...

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    He's a mite low on the depth chart right now. Somewhere between Pee Wee Herman and Richard Simmons.
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    I can't believe how bad this signing worked out. It seemed so promising in the off-season.

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    All Pats fans were excited about it, being Galloway had been playing super till the year before when he had a foot injury. Healthy, looking like a good sign. We didn't know that in the off season somehow he a load of concrete blocks dropped on his hands with a couple bouncing off his head, making it impossible to memorize a Playbook, and remember how to run a route.:icon_rolleyes: