Pats Have The Chance To Go 19-0 And Still Get 2nd Pick

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by Cheezymadman, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. Cheezymadman

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    I heard about this earlier, but I'm really surprised how long it took for anyone to start talking about it. After acquiring the 49ers first round pick, and having their own taken away for Spygate, if the Pats go undefeated and win the big one, and the Niners stay the 2nd worst team in the league, New England will end up being the first Super Bowl champions to pick 2nd in the next draft.

    Is this even fair? Should Goodell have taken away the pick the Pats got from the Niners as punishment instead?

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    Well,ah......NO. I'm not happy losing the one we did. So we maybe get the 2nd round pick. Big deal. He probably won't break into the starting lineup anyways:laughy21:
  3. Cheezymadman

    Cheezymadman Born Again Browns Backer

    2nd OVERALL pick.
  4. dolphindude13

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    I bet he would if it was a RB like McFadden....Bellirod obviously has Maroney on his crap list for some reason.

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    We're saving him. We want him ready in case we lose 3-4 receivers.
  6. DrunkBomber

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    I dont foresee any way the Pats dont trade down the 2nd pick. They only have 10 million in cap room going into next year and thats without Moss. So its either gonna be Moss or McFadden, but not both.
  7. K Train

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    mcfadden wouldnt be an option...they go substance over style...looking at chris long or laurenitis, possibly trading down...with maybe the cowboys who have 2 first round picks

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    Belichick drafts Laurinaitis before we have to rely on Bru to play using a walker. Supposedly, rumor is Moss is playing for the Pats for the same contract as this year, is getting divorced,and is getting Brady's blackbook of models phone numbers. That alone is worth 5-6 million.
  9. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    moss will be offered astronomical amounts of money...he wont be back in NE because they wont pay him that and if he gets his ring he will go on to the $$$$
  10. TOP DAWG

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    Moss said he's got all the money he needs,so we'll see. He said he'd only play for Brady or Farve,so we'll see. Our chances are good.
  11. K Train

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    and nick saban said he wouldnt coach changes minds. moss wanted to play in atlanta (w/vick), baltimore and pittsburgh too.

    tennesse could make a move for him, jacksonville maybe...theres actually quite a few teams that could offer him a big deal that are just on the bubble of being dominate...i wouldnt put to much stock into anything he says now
  12. TOP DAWG

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    I love Moss on our team,but he is a high risk for going Qakland on you if he's not happy. He will not play for a crapass team with a QB who can't get him the ball. That is a fact. He gave up 7 million this year to show that. Coaches know that,so not all teams will be throwing big money at him to get him to play for them. I haven't seen him this happy to play football for a lot of years. Don't overlook being happy on the job. Believe it or not,it is the number one reason people stay at their job,not money.
  13. K Train

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    im not saying oakland, or miami or SF....but teams that are there or almost there that will throw big money at him to put them over the top....and the teams being dominated in the AFC south come to mind
  14. Spanky

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    Man, I don't want to think of Moss in Indy.....
  15. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    i meant the 3 teams in the AFC south being dominated by the colts year after year
  16. seanq

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    Looking at the draft value charts, I could see (if Jones want McFadden as bad as the rumor mill makes it look) the Cowboys trading us both first round picks as well as 2-3 2nd and 3rd round picks (some next year). Or this years top 1st round and second round and next years 1st & 2nd rounders. :icon_twisted:

    As for Moss, the test is easy for the Pats. They offer him good, but not great, money. Top 10, maybe top 5 receiver money, but definitely not setting the market. If Moss really likes it here and wants to keep winning more than setting $$ records as well, then he'll re-sign here. If not, then I'd worry about his attitude going forward anyway (given past behavior patterns) and wish him luck at his future job.
  17. lostfan

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    Maybe regular people like you and me, but not pro athletes when you're talking tens of millions. I might love it where I am now but toss in an extra 8 million guaranteed into my contract, and goodbye, it's been fun, I'll learn to like my new job. Moss is an extreme case and situations like that are the exception, not the rule. And even then there is a limit to the amount of money he'd turn down... believing otherwise is kinda naive. If the Pats offer him "good" money below his market value to play for Brady and the other offers are only slightly better, sure, Moss would probably stay. But if someone else on a halfway decent team with a good QB situation offers him "insane" money, then hey thanks for the memories...
  18. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    both cowboys first round picks seems like plenty to me, but your right with the charts, dont expect them to give up all their future picks though, you might be looking at the cowboys pick, the browns pick and bobby carpenter or some crap like that. I dunno why they would want dmac that bad, MBIII is a badass imo

    kinda think thats ganna be his feelings
  19. n1gbpackfan

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    No way Dallas could take Moss... you couldn't fit his and Owen's head in the same locker room!
  20. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    nobody said moss to dallas lol, were talking Dallas 2 late first round draft picks to NE for their high pick.

    Edit, moss to dallas was mentioned in the thread nevermind lol