Peter King Slams The Vikings

Discussion in 'Minnesota Vikings' started by SRW, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. SRW

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    I have to agree with King....putting your hopes in Jackson at QB is going to really sink the Vikes.
  2. TDJets72027

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    The Vikings suck. Plain and simple.
  3. Litez0ut

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    They're going to have a pretty solid defense and if they can get their run game going with the 1-2 combo of Peterson, and Taylor they should be able to pull out a few wins.
  4. Chrisbob

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    Jackson is a big concern but they have a very good D, especially versus the run and have the potential to have an excellent running game. Given (for me at least) two of the first things you need to do as a football team are be able to run and stop the run, add in the fact that running game is going to be a young QB's best friend and then consider the division is not (IMO) a power house and I think writing off the Vikings is foolish.

    Not saying I see them as a play-off team, but I don't see them as being a cellar dweller either.
  5. Omen

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    wow 31 is kinda low i didnt see that coming either as said before not a top 10 team but not last only to the browns
  6. nastynate184

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    i wouldn't put them that low. yea jackson is a risk and concern at qb, but i think he devlops alot this year and my midseason his play will be considerably better. i could even see them making a playoff push this year. the browns however are right where they belong at the bottom
  7. DoubleC

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    The Viks may suck this year but those offseason rankings suck even more.
  8. AdiBear

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    I agree 100%:icon_lol:
  9. Rips Vikes

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    Paleeeeeeeeeze, our whole season relies on Jackson? NOT!!!!

  10. DaBearsrule4ever

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  11. mcrow

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    I get a kick out out how the Vikings are being placed near the bottom in most everyones rankings, mostly because of Jackson.

    Bottomline is that Jackson could not be any worse than Johnson was last year. If he does anything this year he will be an upgrade over last years starting QB.

    I see them going somewher between 6-10 & 9-7.
  12. BigMo


    Screw Peter King

    I couldn't agree more mcrow! Anyone who thinks the Vikings are gonna compete for the division this season has some serious issues. That's not the point and I think Peter King is sucking butt as usual in his takes about anything to do with football!

    If Coach Chili can squeeze 8 wins out of this team in 2007 then he deserves to be kept around but more importantly since he's tied his ship to two very raw QBs in Jackson and Bollinger, it is sink or swim time and I sure hope he keeps Jackson in the lineup the entire year, win or lose. Next season he needs to dump Bollinger and look for some decent talent to backup or compete against Jackson! JM2CW!

    And the rest of you BUTTCLOWNS can GFY, especially all division rival fans!
  13. Monietooth

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    The level of stupidity on this thread is astounding, including from people considered knowledgeable members. Having said that, Peter King displays equal levels of it so i'm not surprised. The man has, and always has had, some chronic hatred of the Vikings, and routinely craps on them in the off-season.

    McCrow hit the nail on the head - this team went 6-10 with a QB who threw TWICE as many Picks as TDs, has no ability to scramble, and had no ability to throw a deep ball. Now add some improvement to the D in the shape of Greenway, McCauley, Robison and some of the young players improving. Now add one of this year's impact players in RB Adrian Peterson.

    Now just try and make an argument for being a WORSE team and NOT sound stupid in doing so?

    31st team in the NFL - oh sod off, thats just goobered. Jackson would have to be the worst player ever to take the field to scupper everything else the team has going for it. If he can just manage games and not throw a pick every pass then the team's good for 7 wins.
  14. mcrow

    mcrow Skol Vikings!

    It's obvious that this team is not a front runner to make the playoffs, but they do have an outside chance.

    They upgraded at:

    LB (with Greenway coming back)
    S (With Tank coming back)

    Some of the upgrades or only slight improvements like Jackson,Robison, & McCauley. The difference between last years players at their position and these three is that they have a lot of upside.

    We'll have a lot of waiting and seeing to do this year.
  15. AdiBear

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    what I've found with our division is, it goes around in ten year cyclie's with one team being top...Lions (50's) Packers (60's) Vikings (70's) Da Bears (80's) ..Packers back on top mostly 90's and us in the 2000's.
  16. DaBearsrule4ever

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    And the Bears will rule the NFC North for years to come.:icon_cool:
  17. mcrow

    mcrow Skol Vikings!

    Not with Grossman as the QB.:icon_rolleyes:
  18. DaBearsrule4ever

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    Keep dreaming.:icon_lol:
  19. DBR96A

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    The Vikings remind me an awful lot of those Saints teams from the mid- to late '90s, when they had solid defenses, but a two-headed monster named "Billy Joe" at QB. That means they'll probably finish 6-10 or 7-9.