Peyton Manning Worried About Colts WR Depth

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    Colts QB Peyton Manning has noticed the void created by Marvin Harrison's cost-cutting release in February and has served notice. "Every one of those guys, I've told them, 'There's a receiver's spot open right now,' " Manning said earlier this week. The likely scenario in the base offense has Wayne lining up at his normal spot on the left side and Gonzalez replacing Harrison as the right-side starter. At issue is who assumes the No. 3 receiver role -- either in the slot or split out wide -- that Gonzalez has handled for two years. The candidates, Manning said, "need to be saying, 'Hey, that's my job to go win.' It doesn't matter how old you are, how many years you've been in the league. If you win the job, it's yours."

    Source: Indianapolis Star
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    yep, i think every colts fan i've talked to is worried about wr depth too. although how much of that 'worry' comes from the fact that the colts have had SO much depth for so many years and now they're simply coming back to the pack? the colts are still sitting pretty good at the wr position in my opinion.
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    I'm not that worried.... ok I am a little. I just hope that Hall can stay healthy, and Collie will have a great rookie season