Phil Jackson Fined For Bashing Refs

Discussion in 'Basketball Talk' started by Inclulbus, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Inclulbus

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  2. burnout2oo7

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    I think we all saw this coming. I don't understand why coaches get fined for disagreeing with the refs. As long as they don't touch them or threaten them in any way, it should be alright.
  3. smeags

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    i agree burnout but i find it ironic that jackson is saying this now when the lakers were getting all the calls leading up to this point.

    nba officiating gives the nhl a run for it's money when it comes to sucking though.
  4. DaBearsrule4ever

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    Fined for disagreeing with game officials is something I will never understand either. I understand they aren't to be abused but come on. Fines like this are one of the more silly fines in sports. Like you said burnout, if he touched them or threatened them in anyway, or hell, even used profanity in his postgame news conference towards the officials (COUGH Rasheed Wallace COUGH), then I could understand the fine.
  5. Sportsguy

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    he must of said the magic words. you and I both know what they are. Good for the NBA fining Jackson that fat butthole
  6. Inclulbus

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    phil is fat? ... nice.
  7. skinsfan1

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    Karma is a mother
  8. Sportsguy

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    o we all know that
  9. RonMexico7

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    He said what he should have said but I think the FT discrepancy was more about the Celtics being more aggressive than a conspiracy to make sure the Celtics won. Even the technical that Kobe got where he was snitching about getting fouled, he didn't get touched (maybe on the hand after he let it go).