Phil Robertson Indefinitely Suspended for Remarks

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Dougerrrr, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. ragman

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    Anyone notice that A&E has suspended Robertson, yet A&E has decided to go ahead with its Duck Dynasty marathon?
  2. smeags

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    i hate your whinning. "please" die.
  3. smeags

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    not sure why this would come as a surprise to anyone.
  4. smeags

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    that seems really high cause i cant see where that many people who watched the show didnt have the same beleifs that robertson did.

    meh - as long as graveyard carz doesnt get cancelled i could care less about these reality shows.
  5. Greg Brosh

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    I've read many gays don't have a problem with this and have actually petitioned to bring Phi back. Their biggest problem is with GLAAD, who feel if they are upset then ALL gays all over the world have to be to. And it's just not the case

    It's like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton "representing every black person in America" when a racial issue pops up.


    Those who have never watched it, should at least watch one episode. It's actually good. Yeah you know it's fake. They themselves have called it fake reality, but it is funny and does preach a good message about family. And I'm not even religious.

    The wives have recently come out that if this causes a riff within the Robertson clan, they will gladly take themselves off tv. Which I hope doesn't happen.

    And they aren't racist, like some have speculated. Willy, the CEO of the company, and his wife adopted a racially mixed baby.
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  6. Omen

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    My sous in whos gay dude, told me the same thing. Says that glaad makes their lives harder with their intolerance of any other view but their own
  7. Mike

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    A family that adopts a mixed baby, and foster parents an Asian exchange student isnt racist at all. Its just people who dont have a clue throwing fuel on the fire hoping to cause more problems
  8. TheDuke

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  9. Tarkus

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    There's no uproar...

    Just a few pot stirrers looking for their 15 minutes & A&E is just hedging their bets by going w/indefinitely.

    "Indefinitely": if it causes major sponsor issues & doesn't die down...he's out. It fizzles to the 6th page of the news shortly...all's forgiven & forgotten.

    They know the inherent risk a fake reality shows. The type of over-the-top personalities they craft shows around have too many mics on them way too often. If it crashes, plenty of backwoods, low level style folks out there to make fun of.
  10. 86WARD

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    Didn't even know who this guy was until he made these
  11. BoltzRule

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    A&E knew full and well the guy's views before the interview and still had him on the show. Then when this becomes a big issue they suspend him but they sure as hell have no problem making money off of him and his family since they run marathons of this show all the time and they already have the upcoming season filmed both include Phil Robertson.

    Then you have GLAAD, for a group that preaches tolerance they sure are intolerant.
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  12. ragman

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    Has anyone here been in a Cracker Barrel restaurant? Right after Robertson made his remark, they pulled out all of their Duck Dynasty merchandise off their shelves. Then, they started to hear about it from their customers. The merchandise is back.
  13. Diesel44

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    it is okay when miley cyrus comes out and shakes her butt all over the place which is her right,and people go ape crap when a man who is known worldwide as a preacher answers a question that you expect him to answer just like he does which is his right,and people have a problem with it? only in america ladies and gents!
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