Phil Simms Says The Giants Are The Best Team In The NFC

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  1. Phil Simms thinks the Giants are the best team in a wide-open NFC. "Overall, the Giants are the best team right now," Simms said. "The NFC … every team has major holes in it. Probably overall, if you started right now, I'd probably pick Dallas and Minnesota, maybe New Orleans but after what we've seen, New Orleans will probably be O.K. but Minnesota and Dallas aren't both going to get through this." "How many wins will it take this year to get in? Somebody with nine is going to get in and I'm looking at all the NFC West schedules and 7-9 might win the division." Simms is really impressed with Hakeem Nicks but why shouldn't he be? "He is the real deal. He's a game changer," Phil said. "I used to think Steve Smith could be special but it's like you don't even know Steve Smith is on the team any more."

    Source: NY Daily News
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    Well of course they are! :icon_cool:

    It's funny how after the first 3 games, the sky was falling and now after just two more games, we're the best in the NFC.
    I think the sky is the limit, but it's a little soon to know if we're the best just yet.
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    To me it's hard to pick the best team in the NFC. Not one team really stands out. You can make an arguement that the Giants are the best team in the NFC but you can say that for a couple more teams. The AFC is a little easier to pick the best team or teams, like the Ravens, Jets and the Steelers.
  4. 7 days does make a difference......the way we won our last two games is unbelievable. Our defense now is probably top 5 in the league.

    Nicks looks like a shoe-in for the Pro's amazing considering we haven't had a Pro Bowl receiver in 42 years before last year when Steve Smith got in and now we could possibly have one in back-to-back seasons.

    My only concern is the turnovers.....that needs to be cut down. But everything else looks about shipshape. O'Hara looks like he's coming back. Shawn Andrews was a find in FA.....he looks like he could start sooner rather than later.
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    The Giants are playing good ball right now. It's hard to pick a team in the NFC, but the Giants are playing the best at the moment...
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    The Giants suck

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    and so does Phil Simms
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    if the giants continue playing like they have their last 2 games, they probably are the best team in the nfc. however, we all know they are quite erratic so who knows how they will be playing in december and january.
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    Touche' sodev tou freaking che'. Those are fine looking balls. I will counter with...
    El INT sucks!
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    Win the next two against Detroit and Dallas heading into the bye at 6-2 and then we can talk about this again.

    I know you didn't just mesh Eli and INT together... aww man, dammit to crap... you did just mesh Eli and INT together! Low blow man, low freaking blow. :icon_confused:
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    Detroit and Dallas aren't really what I would consider elite challengers but it would be a little less ridiculous making such claims at that time.

  12. Hey....who ever considered you a genius? :icon_confused:
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    Of course not my d-berry. It would be a 4 game win streak at that point, which would be something, but that is far from reality at this point. All I'm saying is that is when we can start talking best team NFC craps. Two games is not enough.
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    Well that's the New York media for day the sky is falling and the next it's singing in the rain time. It's a LONG season.