Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead in New York

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    Drugs at Hoffman's home lead to 4 arrests: report

    Four people were arrested on Tuesday in connection with drugs found at the home of film star Philip Seymour Hoffman following his death of an apparent heroin overdose, the New York Daily News reported, citing unidentified police sources.
    The arrests came during a raid on a building in the Chinatown district of Manhattan after police traced the heroin believed to have killed the Oscar-winning actor there, the newspaper reported.
    A New York City Police Department spokesman told Reuters that officers found narcotics at the building in Chinatown and four people were arrested. He declined to confirm that the arrests were related to Hoffman's death.

    I'm sure if PSH was a run-of-the-mill Joe, the arrests would have come as quickly. I truly...ahem...believe that.
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