PK rankings - Vinatieri is one of the greats

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  1. I agree 100%; Vinatieri has been nothing but money in his career both in New England and Indianapolis. Probably a HOFer when his career ends.
  2. DawkinsINT

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    A no doubt HOFer.
  3. happ

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    Wow, it sure is a boring offseason when we are ranking kickers. LOL
  4. DawkinsINT

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    I'll take talking about this over the Vick dog fighting bullcrap. :lol:
  5. Stockers

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    Any ranking that has Stover below a rookie who his coach didn't trust him to get anything over 40 yards is just plain dumb. Stover's the most reliable kicker in the league for my money.

    I also wouldn't agree that Vinatieri is hall of fame worthy, I take serious issue with it, give me a choice of a kicker like Vinatieri who's less than consistent in the regular season but has been given the opportunity to win Superbowls, or a guy who is more consistent in the regular season, is absolutely money for anything within 47/48 yards and still booms off the 50 yarders, plus has made a slew of game winning kicks in his career and I'll take that guy.

    If it's possible for a kicker to be overrated then Vinatieri is that. Vinatieri gets his big rep because of Scott 'choke' Norwood, if Norwood makes that kick then what Vinatieri did is no big, I give hall of fame worthyness to guys who do extraordinary things beyond what others have, which means that others have had the opportunity to do what that hall of fame worthy player has done. Kickers can't propel a team to a Superbowl on their own (except Matt Stover ;)), and only two have had the opportunity to win one on one kick. That ain't greatness in my book, that's good fortune.

    Having a guy like Gould at 4 who's not allowed to attempt anything close to 50 yards is also dumb.

    D'oh I've just typed a rant on fantasy rating. :eek:
  6. happ

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    Believe me, nobody is more with you on that one than I.
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    I'd put Vinatieri on my team if I had one.
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    Three Super Bowl rings with the Patriots, one Super Bowl ring with the Colts, and has come through in the clutch when his team has needed him. He is no doubt a future HOFer.
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    for fantasy last year gould gave me lotsa points, ... but then again my other kicker was joe nedney O.O
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    The key to Vinatieri is that he's so clutch. Some may kick farther, and some (not many) more accurately, but if there is a game ending field goal, Vinatieri is the one I'd want to take it.