Players wanted Alex Rodriguez kicked out of union

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    Several angry major league players wanted Alex Rodriguez kicked out of their union after he sued it last week, but staff lawyers told them expulsion was not allowed.

    The players spoke Jan. 13 during a Major League Baseball Players Association conference call after Rodriguez sued the union and Major League Baseball to overturn an arbitrator's decision suspending him for the 2014 season and postseason.

    Details were first reported Tuesday by Yahoo Sports and later confirmed to The Associated Press by a person familiar with the call. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because no statements were authorized.

    The union and Rodriguez spokesman Ron Berkowitz declined comment.

    All players in the major leagues are members of the union and pay $65 daily in dues, or $11,895 if a player is in the big leagues for a full season. Baseball's labor contract specifies the union is "the sole and exclusive bargaining agent for all major league players."

    Source: ESPN New York
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    A-Rod is so far gone he'll probably now state that his atty filed these lawsuits without his knowledge. On the same conference call one player stated that if A-Rod comes back and steps in the batters box that he'll get hit and hit hard from opposing pitchers. One can only hope.
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    If he came back, the Yanks might be the 1st team to go undefeated...all Ws on forfeits when their opponents run out of pitchers to get thrown out.
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  4. Sportsguy

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    it would be nice to see when he comes back to have a break out season
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    At least, it should be a foregone conclusion anyway, we know when he comes back in 2015 we see a clean A Rod. Surely no steroid pusher out there is THAT dumb to deal with him now.. right?