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Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by SportsChump, Jan 11, 2022.

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    Oh, we're doing one thread for all the playoffs? Nice!!

    I'm trying again the Playoff Challenge on my own. Trying to go 13-0 against the spread. No more parlays, no more teasers. 100 pesos (5 bucks) per game, all winnings to to my girlfriend's valentine's day present.

    Here we go:

    Bengals -5.5 Over Raiders
    Bengals are my favorite AFC team this year. Joe Burrow is a joy to watch. They should win this one fairly easily.

    Patriots +4 over Bills
    Bill Bellichick in the playoffs against a divisional rival? You son of a bi**h, I'm in!!

    Bucs -8.5 over Eagles
    At first I thought this was a little too high, then I remembered a small detail: Tom Brady. I'm just scared of betting against him, that's all.

    Cowboys -3 over 49ers
    "Don't try to be a hero, just try to win money". "Never bet against your favorite team". Ok, ok!! I'm not a hero. I say a decent game by Dak should be enough, right?...RIGHT?!?!?!

    Chiefs -12.5 over Steelers
    They can't make this line high enough. Make it 20. I don't care. Mahomes will be chilling in the bench by the third quarter. It will be a very sad end for Big Ben's career.

    Cardinals +4 over Rams
    This is my upset special. Are we sure Stafford is good? I mean, like...really, really sure? I know the Cardinals are the coldest team in the playoffs (finished 1-4 with that one win in Dallas), but come on...This is the one I'll be regretting on sunday night when I'm 5-0 and this is the only one standing on my way from an undefeated round...
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    Do me a favor, Teej.

    Cut and paste those onto my site in the comments section so everyone who entered can see your picks.

    Thanks, brother. Happy playoff weekend, everyone.
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    Done!! Good luck to your teams, except if you root for the Eagles or 49ers XD
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    I was busy yesterday and didn't watch either game. I expected the Bills to win but I didn't think it would be that easy. Impressive.

    Josh Sweat has some kind of medical issue and won't be playing today. The Eagles active edge rushers have been awful this season. Brady may have all the time in the world to carve up this defense. Ugh.
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    I'm really disappointed by Hurts performance today. He just wasn't seeing the field and throwing late. An embarrassing performance overall by the team. I hope they learn from it.
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    Yesterday I was so sick and so mad I dodn't want to say anything. I even considered finally quitting this damn team altogether. You can lose...I have no problem with that, at this point I'm even used to it.

    But you cannot lose while commiting 14 penalties and then blaming the goddamned refs!! Sorry but that's just BS. I can't accept it and I have a lot of thinking to do. This is just loser mentality and I despise it like you have no idea.
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    Fans of Washington and the Giants sure enjoyed yesterday a lot more than we did.
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    They're picking at the top 10 of the draft...again. F them.
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    I went 3-3 on super wild card weekend and I'm not even mad. Divisional picks are already in, I'll share them later. I only picked one underdog this time.
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    Ok, here are my divisional round picks. I'm on vacation this week and I'm doing this from my phone and I still don't feel comfortable writing walls of text with it...I'm an old millenial, what can I say? An autocorrect in two languages is a pain in the as**. I'll be brief...

    Bengals +3.5 over Titans
    There's always an upset in this round and I think this one has the best chance. Joe Burrow has never lost a playoff game (including college, of course), I'm riding with him until he loses or faces the Chiefs next week.

    Packers -6 over 49ers
    Are we aware that Kyle Shanahan was on the verge of yet another 4th quarter collapse until Mike McCarthy out-sucked him? Kyle Shanahan is the biggest lie in the NFL. Fight me. Rodgers will have no mercy this time.

    Bucs -3 over Rams
    Personal policy to never bet against Tom Brady at least until the Championship round.

    Chiefs -2.5 over Bills
    This was the toughest one. I'm taking the Chiefs only because they're at home.
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    Good stuff, Teej.

    I often think of this weekend as the best one of the year (with the possible exception of opening weekend). With the Eagles looking so horrible last week it has taken me a while to get excited. These matchups are all really interesting though and I'm finally over being angry at my team's incompetence. The Bills-Chiefs game really looks like it will be a fun one.
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    I can't believe how horrible the Packers' special teams were last night. They single handedly lost that game. The Packers had so many missed opportunities on offense and dropping interceptions on defense. I would imagine not many of their players slept well last night.
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    BUF vs KC was the Best game I've seen in my life.

    2-2 this round, 5-5 in the playoffs. At least I'm breaking even xD