Police detail rape allegation against former S Darren Sharper

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    The New Orleans Police Department released a report Friday detailing the rape allegation against former NFL safety Darren Sharper.

    Sharper has not been arrested or charged for the alleged crime, and the case remains under investigation. However, Sharper was arrested last week in Los Angeles on an unrelated charge of suspicion of rape in two separate alleged incidents.

    According to the NOPD report, an unnamed woman alleged that Sharper raped her on the morning of Sept. 23, after they met at a bar and he took her to his apartment in the Central Business District. According to the report, which was made on the morning of Sept. 24, the accuser stated that she consumed a large amount of alcohol at a couple of bars. She said she met Sharper at one of the bars, then he later took her to his apartment and sexually assaulted her. She said she did not consent to any sexual encounter.

    Source: ESPN
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    So do they bang him & then realize the word 'former' in front of NFL safety means he has no money left? ;)
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    he is the Pick Magnet so she must be the pr**k Magnet.