Post Week 11 Mock Draft

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    Post Week 11 Mock Draft

    Always too early but never boring. I will be updating every week as the standings/needs may change...

    1. Jacksonville Jaguars- Teddy Bridgewater, QB Louisville
    I don't see this pick changing really at all. The Jags have plenty of holes to fill but not more glaring than the one at Quarterback. They already have their franchise LT, now time to get someone worth protecting.

    2. Minnesota Vikings- Marcus Mariota, QB Oregon
    So its pretty obvious that Ponder is not the solution and it seems they don't like Josh Freeman at all. Time for them to get someone that can take the pressure off the best RB in the NFL.

    3. Houston Texans- Jadeveon Clowney, LB South Carolina
    So many different ways the Texans can go with this pick. I think Case Keenum was good enough and showed enough promise that they don't use a high pick on QB. So for me the question is defense or offensive line?? In this case, I don't think the Texans pass on a special talent like Clowney.

    4. Atlanta Falcons- Anthony Barr, LB UCLA
    The Falcons are fortunate enough to have a ton of talent on their team even though their season hasn't gone the way they hoped. They have a need on the offensive line but I think they take the opportunity to fix their defense first. I think both Barr and Clowney are far and away the two most coveted defensive players in this draft and the Falcons will capitalize on their draft position.

    5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Khalil Mack, LB Buffalo
    Much like the Texans, the Bucs have a big question they need to answer about their Quarterback position. I feel Glennon has done enough and will continue to improve so they will not need to draft a QB this high. Instead, they draft a LB to add to an already fierce defense.

    6. St Louis Rams(via Was)- Jake Matthews, OT Texas A&M
    The Rams have a good, young defense and I think they are still in on Sam Bradford. I think they still need help at WR but I don't see them spending a top 10 pick for a 2nd straight year on that position. Instead, they beef up the offensive line to give Bradford more time to work.

    7. Buffalo Bills- CJ Mosely, LB Alabama
    The Bills defense has taken a step forward this year and shown signs of life. I think they could very easily go with a WR here to give Manuel another weapon, but I believe they use this pick to give the defense another play maker.

    8. Pittsburgh Steelers- Taylor Lewan, OT Michigan
    The Steelers have a few needs but none more than their offensive line. They need big time help keeing Big Ben on his feet with enough time to make plays. Lewan is athletic, and strong enough for both pass and run blocking. He also has the mean streak that fits what the Steelers are all about.

    9. Cleveland Browns- Brett Hundley, QB UCLA
    The Browns did a lot to make their defense formidable and have put some good play makers on offense. Now its time to get someone that can get them the ball. Hundley has the physical ability you look for in a Quarterback and has the power to make all the throws.

    10. Baltimore Ravens- Sammy Watkins, WR Clemson
    Since Boldin left the team, it has left a glaring hole at WR. The Ravens need someone to compliment Torrey Smith. Watkins is the dynamic, physical, and speedy WR they have been looking for.

    11. Tennessee Titans- Louis Nix III, DT Notre Dame
    Nix has the talent to be a top 5 pick in this draft but injury concerns could make him fall a bit. I think the Titans need help up front on defense and would love to take the chance on Nix.

    12. Oakland Raiders- Johnny Manziel, QB Texas A&M
    Im not sure that Prior is the answer that the Raiders are looking for. Not sure that Manziel is either. But the Raiders love to draft playmakers and Manziel was one of the best playmakers in college.

    13. St Louis Rams- Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix, S Alabama
    Now that they have addressed the offensive line, time to add a big time defender to their secondary. With Clinton-Dix the Rams get an all around great player that could help turn their defense into one of the scariest in the NFL.

    14. San Diego Chargers- Jason Verrett, CB TCU
    The Chargers seem to have all they want on offense and Fluker seems to be doing quite well for them on the offensive line. The Chargers should use this pick to help plug the hole they have on the outside of their defense.

    15. NY Giants- Cyrus Kouandjio, OT Alabama
    The Giants started off rocky but have turned things around in the recent weeks. Their defense has started to turn it on and it will allow them to address their offensive line with this pick and finally give Eli some time in the pocket.

    16. Green Bay Packers- Ryan Shazier, LB Ohio State
    The Packers could go offensive line with this pick of even TE, but I think their offense is just fine. They should use this pick to add another athletic LB to their defense to help balance their team out.

    17. Miami Dolphins- Antonio Richardson, OT Tennessee
    I don't think there will be any surprise as to what the Dolphins do with their draft pick. After letting Long go via free agency, their transition couldn't have gone any worse. Time to reload that offensive line.

    18. Dallas Cowboys- Cameron Erving, OT Florida State
    The question for the Cowboys will be do they get help to improve their defense or do they go with an offensive lineman to help protect Romo? I believe they need to protect the guy they just signed to a huge contract and get a big offensive lineman.

    19. Chicago Bears- Ra'Shede Hageman, DT Minnesota
    It seems the Bears have finally found the weapons they need on offense and the linemen they need to protect the Quarterback. Time to rebuild what was once a great defense. It starts with the defensive line and getting a powerful defensive tackle for the interior.

    20. Arizona Cardinals- Cyril Richardson, OT Baylor
    It doesn't take an expert to figure out where the Cardinals need help. Its been the same position for years and I think they finally take the time to address it. They are desperately hoping one of the top tackles falls to them but either way they should be taking the best available here.

    21. San Francisco 49ers- Bradley Roby, CB Ohio State
    One of the best, if not the best, front sevens in the NFL. The only major whole this teams has on defense is a cornerback. Even with all the offseason troubles I don't think the 49ers pass on a guy like Roby here.

    22. New York Jets- Eric Ebron, TE North Carolina
    Saying Geno Smith has had very little to work with is an understatement. The Jets should address that by adding an athletic playmaker at TE.

    23. Carolina Panthers- Aaron Colvin, CB Oklahoma
    The Panthers still need to find a legit compliment to Steve Smith. But just as they do every year, they wont do it as early as everyone thinks they should. Instead, they will improve on their defense that has become one of the best in the NFL.

    24. Kansas City Chiefs- Marqis Lee, WR USC
    The Chiefs will capitalize on everyone else's mistake and get the best WR in the draft. They will give Alex Smith another weapon to throw to and a very good compliment to Bowe. Because of injuries, they get a top 10 talent late in the first round.

    25. Philadelphia Eagles- Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, CB Oregon
    The Eagles have a giant hole in their secondary. I believe they should and will take care of that in the first round and snag a guy that is a solid cover corner and is athletic enough to come up and make tackles as well.

    26. Cincinnati Bengals- Loucheiz Purifoy, CB Florida
    Not many holes for the Bengals in general, especially on defense. With some aging corners, I think the Bengals use this pick to get someone that can potentially take over as the starter right away.

    27. Cleveland Brown(via Ind)- James Hurst, OT North Carolina
    The Browns have their QB of the future and now its time to make sure he has the protection needed.

    28. Detroit Lions- Marcus Roberson, CB Florida
    Its tough to decide if they add help to their secondary or help to Calvin Johnson. I think they wait on WR and address a bad pass defense.

    29. New Orleans Saints- Kyle Van Noy, LB BYU
    The Saints defense has made a good turn around this season and Rob Ryan would love to add to it. Van Noy would add a ton a versatility to their defense.

    30. New England Patriots- Vic Beasley- DE Clemson
    The Pats will wait to add more weapons for Brady. Instead, they add a solid pass rusher to play opposite Chandler Jones.

    31. Denver Broncos- Stephon Tuitt, DE Notre Dame
    The Broncos will look to add to what they lost in Dumervill. Truitt is a versatile player that can play anywhere on the defensive line, can rush the pass, and also solid in the run game.

    32. Seattle Seahawks- Corey Robinson, OT South Carolina
    Its tough to figure out what the Seahawks may do with this pick. But I think they try to get more protection for Russell Wilson.
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  2. TheSnowman

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    I like Hundley, but I need to look at him more closely. I'd be surprised if they went OL with a round 1 pick. WR, RB, corner and possibly safety needs are significant.
  3. ragman

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    Bet the Texans take Manziel.
  4. LitesOut13

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    I think their defense is solid enough that they dont need to focus on it that early. I dont think any team goes RB because they can address that later or via free agency. I really think they make a hard push for Ben Tate. WR is a very real possibility. I guess my overall reason was they need to make sure they give the QB protection plus their run game has been terrible
  5. LitesOut13

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    I think that would be a terrible mistake. Dont see much of a difference between Manziel and Keenum. Both put up crazy numbers in college and are both undersized.

    If they do go QB, I think they go Hundley or trade back and go with Mettenberger. But I personally think they should wait and go with Aaron Murray later on
  6. MadMoxxiFavGun

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    Dont see the niners taking a cb. Wideout is a way bigger need. Its bad when a converted DE to FB has the 3rd most catches on your team. At this point you dont know if Crabtree is gonna be the same, Boldin is already old, Patton is coming off injury, Manningham hasnt done anything since coming back, and that other guy cant complete the catch transition.

    ICECOLD 1st Stringer

    WR is certainly a need. If we could jump up to grab Watkins, that would be great. I could see SF getting younger at Center as well. CB makes sense because there's no guarantee that Brown and Rogers come back next year. Culliver will be back, but they'll still need depth. I could also see a mid-round QB
  8. LitesOut13

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    I agree WR is a need and I could certainly see them grabbing a guy like Lee with that pick. But I think Crabtree comes back strong, they have Boldin, and Manningham so I dont think they will see it as a strong enough need. They like to keep that defense up to par so I think they just try to add to it. They can still grab a guy like Cooks in the 2nd round. If they started the draft with Roby and Cooks, I think they will be doing very very well!
  9. K Train

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    Steelers taking lewan over watkins would make me cry
  10. LitesOut13

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    So you want a WR over arguably the worst part of the team the last few years?? Not only do offensive lineman drop like flies there but they cant protect Big Ben or even run the ball. Brown is a very solid WR. They could easily take Lewan and grab a WR later.

    I think WR is maybe their 4th or 5th biggest need
  11. K Train

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    brown is fine, but he would be so much better than he is now with a playmaker like watkins around him (and brown is not much of a redzone threat, he has 5 TDs this year (2 2TD games), which matches his career high.

    Lewans stock has dropped, hes pretty inconsistent. I would love jake matthews, but if we cant get matthews id rather just wait to get oline. Pouncey back next year, hopefully they resign velasco, decastro has really come on strong after early struggles, and gilbert after being inconsistnet has really gotten his crap together.

    I think mike adams has a future, he was a raw player but he can still be a dominant RT at the very least, and levi brown is under contract, not to mentuon beachem has only gotten better.

    Meanwhile, brown might lead the NFL in catches, but sanders is gone (thank god), wheaton looks good, and cotchery is what? Like 32? watkins gives them a true #1 and lets brown dominate in the underneath role. Watkins is a deep threat, a redzone threat, and a terrific all around WR. brown doesnt offer much deep or in the redzone but he has insane quickness and ability to cut and shift without losing any of it. Gotta keep ben happy, watkins absolutely has to be that pick.

    Also, they switched to a primarily ZBS scheme, thats not an overnight process and its been coming together
  12. LitesOut13

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    I definitely agree their WRs arent scary by any means and Brown would look better with another playmaker next to him. But like I said, that could be addressed later. With injury concerns to many of their lineman or just not being reliable, they can use the depth at the very least.

    Lewan has actually been excellent this year. He unfortunately is on a team that is not very good. Poor QB play and young lineman around him have made him look bad. The coaching staff has actually moved him all around the offensive line where he has played left and right tackle as well as being lined up outside of the TE. Regardless, the kid is strong and very athletic. He is well rounded which is somewhat rare for young lineman. I think the main knock on him has been the fact that he gets angry and gets personal foul calls on him. I think thats something that embodies the Steelers organization. The mean streak that players seem to have there and a guy like Tomlin can put that to good use.

    Take Lewan in the first round, then maybe address WR in the 2nd by grabbing Brandon Cook.
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  13. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    I have a real man crush on watkins, so many problems on the team could be fixed by added a legit outside playmaker.

    I wouldnt hate moncrief in round 2 though
  14. LitesOut13

    LitesOut13 Rookie

    Well I feel the same way about Marqis Lee so I can see where you are coming from haha

    I will say that I see this changing as I think the Steelers end up with a higher draft pick and most likely getting Matthews.
  15. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    i see the steelers finishing 7-9/8-8 and getting a terrible draft pick

    shcedule is pretty easy down the stretch, they have a legitimate chance at a WC spot (to get killed if they make it)
  16. RichLikeWh0a

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    cowboys would draft a og before an ot, if they went o-line at all. and there's literally 0 chance they'd go oline before dline this year. probably 2% chance they go anything other than dline unless there's no one on their draft board even close (which they'd probably just trade back again even then).
  17. Aussie61

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    The Vikings will have the #1 pick.They are in so much disarray can't see them winning another game.Jags have 2 against Houston and if they win 1 of those then Vikes pick first.
    In any case the pick will be Clowney,who many scouts rank as the best pass rusher since Julius Peppers.QB will be second round pick.
  18. LitesOut13

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    If the Vikings got the #1 pick, I don't think they would pick Clowney over Bridgewater. The QB position has been one of the biggest things in the way of their own success. They still have some decent defenders too with Greenway and Allen.

    Now if they end up with the #2 pick, then I could see them going Clowney over Mariota. But I still doubt they do that. For the sake of Adrian Peterson and their fan base, they need the a top QB in the draft.
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  19. LitesOut13

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    They just signed Romo to a huge contract and his protection should be their first concern considering how bad they are.

    I do think they need defensive line help but not more than offensive line. They still have Ware and Lee who are very very good on that side of the ball
  20. RichLikeWh0a

    RichLikeWh0a Hermhater = Nemesis

    ...1) it would still be og over ot. 2) only one of the players you mentioned is dline. 3) ware is always hurt now. 4) spencer and hatcher are likely gone after this year (not that spencer is playing now anyway), not to mention the most of the guys we have playing now being on 1 year deals. we'll be addressing dline before oline in the draft.