Post Week 11 Mock Draft

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    #1- Notice I said offensive line and not OT. They need help all across their offensive line. I think they go with the best offensive lineman available. The only guard I think they take their is Richardson, but I still think Erving is a better player. To act like they don't need help at the tackles position is crazy.

    #2- I know exactly who the players are that I mentioned, I don't need you to point it out. My point in mentioning them is that when you have 2 studs in your front 7, it makes drafting a player for your front 7 less of a need. Ware being on that defensive line takes away protection from the rest of the line.

    #3- What is your definition of "always hurt"?? Because if my information is correct, which im 99% sure it is, this season he missed his first game of his career. So all of his "injuries" didn't effect him playing nor did it effect how good he is when he is out there.

    #4- Who cares if they leave? Finding serviceable DTs is much easier than LT or RT. You can run certain plays and blitzes that put your DTs in good positions to make plays. With guys like Tuck, Pierre-Paul, Cole, Kerrigan, and Orakpo in their division, they need guys who can kick out and stop the pass rush.

    The same can not be said about your offensive line. There is only so much you can do to disguise a bad offensive line and news flash: the Cowboys don't know how to do that!!

    Offensive line has literally been their worst problem of the past few years. Romo doesn't get enough time to throw and they cant run the ball consistently enough to be effective. If they decide NOT to get a franchise type tackle then you run the risk of Romo continuing to take big hits and risk of your franchise QB getting hurt.

    You may be right, they could go DT with that pick. The Cowboys organization is terrible and they always seem to make bad decisions and this would not shock me if they made another one.
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    they need both tackle positions addressed? that's what you're telling me?
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    Allen won't be there next year,he's a free agent and will cost too much.This leaves them with Robison and Griffen then not much else.The QB class is deep and they need a better pass rush to take pressure of a weak secondary.The pick will be Clowney.
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    Their offensive line needs help in general. Whether they draft a guard or tackle, they need help. If they believe they can draft a stud LT and move Tyron Smith over to RT, or draft a a player to hold up the RT spot. Thats up to them. But they need to do something that keeps Romo on his feet and does so for an entire game
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    I could see it. Clowney is a stud. But I think it would be a mistake. You run the risk of teams like Tampa and Houston using their 2nd round picks on QBs before the Vikings do. I also think this is the draft where teams trade back into the 1st round for a QB. They have a chance at a QB of their choosing(aside from Bridgewater) and they should take advantage. Hope a guy like Tuitt, Seferian-Jenkins, Hubbard, etc fall to the 2nd round rather than hope a QB falls to them.