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    Basic Overview

    The forum reputation system is intended to allow members to provide feedback to one another relating to their threads, posts and contributions to forum discussions. If another member makes a particularly noteworthy contribution to a discussion, the reputation system provides a way to show appreciation. On the other hand, if a post is unfair, off-topic, inflammatory or otherwise objectionable, the reputation system gives the forum community a way to self-police itself.

    The display of reputation levels in the member info and profile areas is intended as a rough guide of member's esteem within the forum community. This of course does not mean that the opinions or information provided by someone with a high reputation level is always accurate, nor does it mean that someone with low reputation should be ignored or belittled. When judging the value of a post or opinion, readers should put more weight on the content and logic of the content, rather than on who the author is.

    When to give positive reputation

    As mentioned above, members are encouraged to give one another feedback for thoughtful, constructive posts that help to inform the community and contribute to the thread topic. This helps create a more informative and positive atmosphere to the forum in general, and results in a more enjoyable and worthwhile experience when reading the forums.

    When NOT to give positive reputation

    The reputation system should not be abused. Friends should not dilute the purpose of the reputation system and regularly hand out +reps to their friends and society mates just because they like them. Positive reps should be given directly as feedback and thanks for meaningful contributions to the forum.

    When to give negative reputation

    If you find a post that is clearly off-topic, rude, inciteful, inflammatory, flaming or unfair, you should let the poster know this with a negative reputation comment, with reasons why you think the post in question was objectionable. In all cases, reputation comments are subject to the same forum rules as public posts.

    When NOT to give negative reputation

    You should not leave a negative reputation simply because you disagree with another member's opinion. If you have a strong disagreement, your views should be aired within the thread, so that others can read and comment in kind. You should not give a negative rep as revenge for a negative rep left by another member for you. You also should not make a campaign of leaving negative reps for members that you simply dislike, or have had differences with in the past.


    All reputation comments are subject to the same rules as public posts on the forum. This means you should not flame, insult or threaten another member with your reputation comments. Such behavior will not be tolerated. Forum admins (Sweets, ollysj and myself) will review reputation comments left by members if a complaint is made. If any member feels they have been attacked in such a manner, please send a Private Message to Sweets, ollysj or myself with the offending member's name, and we will investigate and take appropriate action.

    Moderators and admins also make use of the reputation system, so members should not be surprised to see both positive or negative reputation comments from forum staff.
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