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Discussion in 'Graphix Forum' started by Panthers, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Panthers

    Panthers Rookie

    I'd like to have a avatar of Ron Rivera with Panthers uniform,so please PS my avatar guys if you could,appreciate!

  2. mj1987us26

    mj1987us26 Super

    wow one post and making demands.
  3. themush

    themush iDIOT sAVANT

    No. Do it yourself.
  4. Saintsfan1972

    Saintsfan1972 BREESUS SAVES

  5. Sweets

    Sweets All-Pro

    finding a pic to use would be helpful considering he hasn't even been put under contract yet.
  6. Yeah.....I'd wait until the pen is on the paper.
  7. Panthers

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    Ok,wait a minute,I will get something to make it easier guys,THANKS!


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  8. Sweets

    Sweets All-Pro

    I thought you wanted one with Ron Rivera???
  9. Panthers

    Panthers Rookie

    Yes,I want one of Ron,sorry for the dummy action.

    This is the one I like.


  10. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    Get to 125 posts and I'll do it for you and maybe do a signature...if time permits.
  11. Walnuts

    Walnuts All-Pro

    If you wait like 2 days there should be plenty of pictures around of Rivera in Carolina gear. Saving you the trouble.
  12. Rivera has officially agreed to become the Panthers head coach.

    A press conference will likely be held today to announce the signing. Pictures of that presser should be available soon after. I'll dig those up for ya......:peace:
  13. Here you go dude.....just used it for the Rivera headline.

  14. Found another......

  15. Panthers

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    whatever,I will post if i want to,I won't post if I don't think I should.If the value of posting to chat or debate will deserve the time I spend,I will post more than 125,but if not,I will not post a single one.Whatever.

    And thanks BigBlueBruiser
  16. themush

    themush iDIOT sAVANT

    Dude, all we are saying is you don't join any message board and the first thing you post is help with PS'ing an avatar. We'd love you to stay but you wont last long here if your skin is that thin to begin with.
  17. Panthers

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    Alright,yeah,too bad my first post is a request,but it is not the end of staying here,it just happens to be my first one,and let's see how long I will stay here,maybe after posting 1,000,000,000 posts? :icon_smile:
  18. themush

    themush iDIOT sAVANT

    Good to have you aboard.

    Give it a couple of days and RR will have his mug snapped in Panthers gear.
  19. Panthers

    Panthers Rookie

    Yeah,we will do that I mean we are glad to hire this guy.