Raiders Closing In On Acquiring Eagles QB Donovan McNabb

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  1. ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that the Raiders are closing in on acquiring Philadelphia quarterback Donovan McNabb. Schefter reports that the pieces are in place for Oakland and Philadelphia to make a deal and that some league sources believe a trade could be consummated soon. Schefter said the keys to a potential trade are that Oakland has the compensation the Eagles are looking for in place (probably the No. 39 overall pick) and are not worried that McNabb is owed a huge bonus next month and that he is entering the final year of his deal.

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    JASON4RMLA Go Kings!!

    Come on BigBlue, You're slacking! haha (JK)
  3. Daddy Primetime42

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    nice lets make it happen
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    If this happens, it will go down as the biggest blunder in Eagles history.
  6. TheSnowman

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    More McNabb rumors...I'll believe it when it's final after all the crazy reports there have been

    JASON4RMLA Go Kings!!

    Why? :icon_eek: JaMOREcash is the reason why!! :bb9:
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    im with you on this.
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    He's not going to resign if he does come here, so we're trading whatever for the one year rental of a guy who's not going to be the difference between being a sub-500 team and being a legitimate challenger. That's IF his aging, fragile butt can survive a whole season behind our line, which I don't see happening. It just doesn't make sense. The only thing this does is stall for time with Jamarcus and hope he experiences a bonafide miraculous turnaround into a decent quarterback behind McNabb, which I also don't see happening.
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    This, that and one of Oakland's biggest problems is the lack of a solid O-line. You rent a guy for a year on the basis that you're hoping he'll do good enough to where he'll want to resign with you. No threat of a rushing attack, and no decent WRs, you essentially set McNabb back a few years to the pre-TO period in Philly......except he's older. Gradkowski is this team's best bet right now, for 2010 at least.

    Eagles lose their best QB in franchise history and put in a guy who may be good, but I honestly doubt will be able to do with the Eagles offense what McNabb could do..

    Both teams lose, McNabb might take the W on this one, because he can choose his team in 2011/2012 if he isn't forced to retire after getting beat up the 2010 season.
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    This would be a sad way for McNabb's career to end, but I wouldn't completely hate it at this point in time.
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    Just a stepping stone to his "third" team and one last contract...
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    McNabb will be horrible in Oakland.

    At this point in his career I dont see him as a guy that can succeed with a bad team. Skill position wise he is in a similar situation he was in much of his career, and probobly has better overall talent there than he did at any time in Philly before TO, but he is the same QB he was in 2003, and he isnt gonna have the time affored that he did then to make read's, and cross off all the WR running wrong or hecked up routes

    I see alot of balls getting launched 5 feet in front of him
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    Care to elaborate? Do you think the Eagles can win the Super Bowl with Donovan? Neither do I. Move on and get what you can for him while he's valuable.
  16. Daddy Primetime42

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    because he is better than anything we got so what if hes around for 1 year atleast i have hopes he can do something from the QB that we havent had since gannon an this guy has way more talent than gannon ever did. Believe me know one is going to offer him what the Raiders can offer him. I would love this trade to happen i have my McNabb Jersey on pre order. The guy is a winner and a leader something we sorely need:icon_cheesygrin:
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    At this point in his career I think McNabb needs a good situation for him the thrive. Oakland, to me is a team that either needs to develop or improve in place's McNabb will strong to thrive. McNabb struggled against us this year because we got pressure on him and his WR's were too inexperience to handle our scheme's.
  18. Daddy Primetime42

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    i guess you want to be in the rebuilding mode some more, heck that! its time to win now and McNabb would help to change the culture of the last 7 years. how do you know he wont resign the Raiders will toss a ridiculous offer at him that other teams cant match. Do you think grads or frye could last a whole season those chumps couldnt even survive 8 games together McNabb will be the man in oakland.

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    Yes i agree but the Raiders are a run first team not like in philly where the offense rest on his shoulders one of our backs will emerge to help with the load. we need a veteran leader even if he is up in age to change the culture of our team Seymour on defense why not McNabb on O just look at what favre did in minny.
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    Come on! This would be An epic win for cowboys fans!
  20. Jihad Joe

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    There are alot of conflicting reports of Mcnabbs "leadership" in Philadelphia. From that standpoint you may not really be gaining anything

    The positve would be the final stamp of "failure" on Russel's forehead. However Im a believer that a young offense, is better suited growing together. Let 'Insert young QB's name', McFadden, Miller, DHB, Murhy and Schillens take there lumps together and grown from it, as opposed to spinning your wheels with a QB that may not be able to succeed on the field in that situation