Raiders DE Richard Seymour Ejected From Game Vs Steelers

Discussion in 'Oakland Raiders' started by SRW, Nov 21, 2010.

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    Crowned Doesn't give a shit.

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    I want to see a GIF of Roethlisberger being
  3. 86WARD

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    "Let's get ready for the extra point." - definitely deserved a smack to the face...I'm sure that's not what Ben really said.
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    Truth. RIIC.
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    "He was frustrated," Kemoeatu said. "On the play [that led to Seymour's ejection], me and him were going at it. He bull-rushed me and I threw him down. He tried to twist my ankle, and I said something to him. He got up and started to say something back, and that's when Ben was walking past him. He took it out on Ben. Ben didn't say anything to him. He just snapped."
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    I think Ben said something for sure, I don't believe Kemo here.
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    I hope he did...
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    What I could tell from the video, Ben was going towards Foster saying something and put his hand on Seymour to get past him. It looked to me that Ben did not know what was going on. And to those who said his teammates did not back him up, look at the video again. When Ben went to the ground you can see the legs of his teammates going towards where Seymour was.

    You can dispute what I saw by saying I am being subjective. When in reality you all know that when anyone looks at or sees something that is also the case. We are all looking at it from our own perspective, which is guided also by what we feel and or by what we want to see.

    So this is what I perceived. If you see it differently then we are going to have to agree to disagree.:shakeonit:
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    Im pretty sure Richard was just scared of being raped, and instinctively defended himself from an attack from the back. You can't fault him for that.
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    Who gives a heck if Ben said something? There is trash talk going on every snap in the NFL. Even if he said the dirtiest words that ever left his mouth, mission was accomplished. 15 free yards.

    Not to mention a fat butt fine coming Seymour's way.

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    Like sands thru the hour glbutt..........:icon_cheesygrin:
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    :icon_cheesygrin: Funny crap. Looked like a stiff arm more than a slap. I can't believe Ben didn't say crap to Seymour by the way he reacted. Can't wait to see the fine on this one.
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    Seymour said it was a natual reaction when someone walks up behind him, damn... remind me never to do that.

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    That was awesome, stupid, but awesome.
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    lol there's the GIF
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    He went down like a snitch. LOL.
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    I wish Mrs Woody went down that easily
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    Maybe it was a flop? I can't imagine him being able to shake 300 pounders off of his back to avoid sacks but falls instantly to a "should of had a v8" open handed pop to his facemask.