Raiders DE Richard Seymour Says He Could Have Helped The Patriots

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    Richard Seymour takes no pleasure in the pain he knows his former Patriots teammates have been feeling lately, pain that intensified yesterday when Bill Belichick had to send four starters home for showing up late for an 8 a.m. meeting the day after Tom Brady’s wife had a baby and he still showed up for work. Then again, Seymour believes that were he still in Foxboro, his presence would have gone a long way toward preventing some of those troubles. On a team now bemoaning an absent pash rush, a riddled secondary and lack of leadership, Seymour thinks he would have both stood out and, perhaps more importantly at the moment, stood up. I really have moved on from that situation,” Seymour said from an airport near his South Carolina home as he prepared to fly back to Oakland to prepare for Sunday’s game against the Washington Redskins, “but I know I could have helped. No doubt about that. “I have a lot of friends there. I know what’s been going on; the troubles they’re having. When I’m on the inside rushing, (opponents) ain’t going to put just a guard on me one-on-one. I would have freed up room for Tully (Banta-Cain) or (Derrick) Burgess to be one-on-one on the outside. Tully and I talked about that all through training camp -- what we would do rushing together from the same side. “I still have an impact (in Oakland). Maybe I don’t get the glory all the time, but I free up somebody else and our team gets the success. I know what I bring to the table. They wish it was that easy to replace me, but it’s not. “You can’t just have great coaching and no talent. You’ve got to have both. Bill (Belichick) is an extremely smart coach. Extremely (smart) ... but he thinks it’s his schemes all the time. He had players like ’Hot Rod’ (Rodney Harrison), myself, Ty (Law), Willie (McGinest), (Tedy) Bruschi and (Mike) Vrabel in that system to make it look good. “I’ve received a lot of text messages lately from guys back there saying, ’We could use you now.’ I’m sure they could, but so can Oakland. Over the years we won a lot in New England, but they can’t live off those Super Bowls. Most of the guys who won them are gone. “It’s hard to lose all that leadership and place it on young guys. I was 20 when I came to New England. I learned a lot of defensive football there. I was taught what it takes to win by McGinest and those guys. Somebody has to show you. Team camaraderie is overlooked sometimes by coaches.”

    Source: Boston Herald
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    I agree Seymour could have helped this year, but I still don't think the Patriots could have passed up a 1st round pick for him
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    Translation: "Bring me back to NE Bill."
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    Dumb move, try to match the talent of Seymour with your first pick which they will probrably trade away for more picks.