Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie Not Worried About Job Security Despite Personnel Purge

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    The Oakland Raiders are in the middle of tearing down their roster and starting all over, the man behind the rebuild, GM Reggie McKenzie, isn't free from scrutiny. And that scrutiny shouldn't slow down as the Raiders struggle -- anything better than a struggle would be stunning -- in 2013.

    Yet McKenzie, as he told Peter King of Sports Illustrated, isn't worried a nightmare season will cause his job security to wane or result in Mark Davis, Al's son and Oakland owner, to fire him.

    "No, I don't fear that," he said. "You know what? I don't think along those lines. I just think of doing what's needed to make this team the best it can be long-term. That's my job. But fearful? No. Not at all. Mark knew the cap part of this was going to be a two-year deal. Mark is not his father. He is allowing me to do this, and we talk about the process all the time. He's allowing me to do the job that needs to be done."

    Source: CBSSports