Raiders In Trade Talks With The Steelers For Ben Roethlisberger

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    Yea I read the report, all of the "victims" statements were the first 200 pages or so of the report, did you care to read on and see all the discrepancies in her story? I really doubt either party is totally innocent but I'm close to positive a "rape" didn't occur. To each his own though.
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    there girls was going through browns out you're surprised by decrepencies ? notice the "facts" i pointed out ? you didn't address one of them. there was an obvious cover up and that was done because he was innocent right ?

    at least we know which fan you are as you're in denial.
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    Yea I noticed the facts,and just because the club chose to cover up the scene doesn't mean a rape occured. The only thing Ben is guilty of in my eyes are stupid choices and poor morals (possibly). While were giving out cold hard facts let me try this one on you.

    These are taken from the actual report, and I'm using information from the following article The Case Against Ben Roethlisberger's Accuser Which happens to be a good read if you care to take your head out of your butt and check it out Smeagle. Try on the other shoe for once.

    and just for good measure...

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    Really?!? An underage drunk girl who had just been raped by the biggest celebrity she has probably ever me, who is hanging out with a few off duty officer types, might have a little inconsistencies that evening when first talking to a cop immediately after and outside the place where she was just raped. SHOCKING!! As soon as she was sober and somewhere she felt safe her story was consistent.

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    That's not an article that's a despicable internet post from a pro SteAler page by a guy who admits he's just a yahoo on the net who is wrong alot more then he is right. I personally can refute his information about rape kits finding DNA so easy after a sexual assault. They are inconclusive more times then not.
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    yes dear