Raiders LB Isaiah Ekejiuba Says Team Has Waived Him

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    Isaiah Ekejiuba’s introduction to football came when he answered an ad on a campus bulletin board for prospective players at the University of Virginia. Ekejiuba said he knew nothing about the game at the time and spent most of his time tackling any player who got in his way until he grasped the nuances of the game. A few years later, he was signed by the Raiders and carved out a nice career as a core special-teams player who tackled as well as anyone in the league. His Raiders career ended Thursday after five seasons, according to Ekejiuba on his Twitter account. Well, Raider Nation, it was fun while it lasted,â€￾ Ekejiuba said on his account. “Sure you’ll be hearing soon enough, I just got waived by the team. Thanx for all the support!â€￾

    Source: Contra Costa Times
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    he waz a damn gud special team player.. i wish him good luck