Raiders' No. 8 Overall Pick In The Draft Drawing Interest

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  1. An unnamed team has offered the Raiders a second-round pick this year and a first-round pick next year in exchange for the Raiders' No. 8 overall pick. That deal would allow the Raiders to get back in the 2011 first round after giving their pick to the Patriots in the Richard Seymour deal. At least one other team has offered to swap spots with the Raiders and perhaps this is evidence that the 2010 class is as good as advertised.

    Source: San Francisco Chronicle
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    JASON4RMLA Go Kings!!

    Not to put out "Blown Smoke" but the (Packers) are the team that offered this trade. The (Cardinals) & (Redskins) are showing interest as well..
    The reason why it WON'T happen is because Al Davis DOES NOT trade out of the 1st Round. He'll trade a future 1st Rounder here and there but he usually stays PAT when it comes to the 1st Round.

    I think Al Davis should do it though..
  3. mmehring

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    How do you know its the pack? Any ideas who they'd even want with the 8th pick?

    JASON4RMLA Go Kings!!

    I won't tell you who told me - but the Packers did offer this trade. I don't know who they're interested in but they must be SUPER High on a player.

    Joe Haden
    Trent Williams
    Bryan Bulaga
    Mike Iupati
    Eric Berry
    Earl Thomas
    Rolando McClain
    Dez Bryant

    I have no clue...
  5. mmehring

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    Im guessing Eric Berry. Dudes SICK...and we REALLY need a new SS. Hes a perfect fit and instantly makes our pass defense top 5..
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    JASON4RMLA Go Kings!!

    Big ups if you guys get him..
  8. pctrips

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    I don't see Berry making it to #8 at all, I don't see how he'd get past Cleveland at #7. I really don't know what they could be after at #8. The Bills are likely going with a tackle so maybe they want a tackle they believe will be there? Bulaga? Williams? Campbell? Davis?
  9. Walnuts

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    I think it's more of a thing where they have a deal worked out pre-draft that if _______ player falls to #8, we'll offer you _________ for the pick.

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    And I highly doubt it's the Packers, I don't really think they have the firepower to move up that far without pulling a Ditka and giving away their entire draft...which doesnt seem like the kind of thing they would do. It's probably one of the teams within a handful of picks who wants to be able to move up a couple spots and swoop _______ player away from the #9 pick
  10. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    That deal makes absolutely no sense for the Raiders. If the Packers are the team, which I find hard to believe, they'd be giving roughly a pick worth 700-800 value points. The Raiders #8 pick is worth 1400. Throw the second in and thats worth a little less than 350. The Pack would have to throw in a 3 AND 4 to get it to the value of the 8th pick.

    Makes no sense for the Raiders to do it...but then again, lol, it's the Raiders.
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  12. Jihad Joe

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    Jerry Jones is having dinner with Dez Bryant.......
  13. ArnyVee

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    And Taffy is delicious....but, what does it have to do with the Raiders and their pick? ;)
  14. Jihad Joe

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    Possible trade partner

    I would take that trade ( a top 10 pick) for a #2 and 2011 #1 (bottom 20) in a heartbeat
  15. Walnuts

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    The 'Boys are in even worse position than the Pack as far as trading up goes...but I'd rather have Crazy Jerrah as a trade partner than Thompson. Jones seems like the kind of guy who would give up way too much for a WR he covets. Dunno why, I just get that vibe from him.
  16. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    If its the rumored trade, and the team is Dallas, thats a horrible deal for Oakland

    The #8 for the 59th this year and a first next year that will be after pick 20
  17. ArnyVee

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    Hmm....interesting. But, I doubt that the Raiders would take that deal. Possibly a swap of 1st round picks this year and then a 2nd rounder next year. Something along those lines.

    JASON4RMLA Go Kings!!

    True, but you know good & damn well that Al Davis doesn't look at "Pick Value" hell - He took DHB over Michael Crabtree, and gave up a 1st Rounder for Richard Seymour. xD

    Again, I don't think anything will happen but if the Packers get creative.. they could have a deal.

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    You don't think that Berry slips to #8? (Check this out)

    1. Bradford (oR Suh)
    2. Okung (or Suh)
    3. Suh (Or McCoy)
    4. Trent Williams (Okung/Clausen)
    5. Bulaga (Or Berry)
    6. McCoy (Clausen/Berry/Dez Bryant)
    7. Clausen (Joe Haden/Berry/McClain/Sean Weatherspoon)
    8. ( Any GM/Owner with a brain would select Eric Berry.. but NOT Al Davis! Raiders would select Taylor Mays) but Eric Berry easily could slip to #8..

    Anything is possible.. :icon_cheesygrin:
  19. Lord_Joe

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    the #8 is worth two early-to-mid-20 picks - 21 and 25 for example