Raiders Will Choose JaMarcus Russell Over Tom Cable

Discussion in 'Oakland Raiders' started by Sweets, Jan 8, 2010.

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    No need to peer into a crystal ball, read some tea leaves or even decipher a Nostradamus quatrain to predict what the Raiders will do with JaMarcus Russell and Tom Cable. The organization's actions, or rather lack thereof this week, show Al Davis will choose the quarterback over the coach. Russell will return to collect $9.45 million next season; Cable will be sent to the gallows, perhaps as soon as Tuesday.

    Source: Sac Bee
  2. They deserve eachother.
  3. SweetShot03

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    HA... fail
  4. codatious99

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    now this is an EPIC FAIL
  5. Flacco2MasonTD

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    I'm having trouble thinking of something smart-assed to say this is so infuriatingly stupid - chokin' on my own rage here.
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    Al has jungle fever.
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    Enjoy more 11 loss seasons Al!
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    Whoever takes the HC position after Cable gets canned should immediately be arrested for prostitution. Hard to believe that anyone, regardless of money, would subject himself to the insanity of Al Davis.
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    jamarcus russel better be saving every penny.... i doubt he has the skills to work at the in and out burger
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    IDK what all of you weirdos are talking about. Russell is the best thing Al Davis could have done.

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    please no 8(
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    This is too hilarious for words....I wish they'd keep them both! :icon_cheesygrin:
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    If I were Al Davis I would press grand larceny charges this offseason, maybe get the contract nullified - or just display to the football world that he isn't oblivious to the fleecing that he is taking.
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    The way i see it jamarcus can get benched to offset his horrible play but cable would still be terrible at head coach. Im glad he will be gone he sucked im just hoping al finally brings in a big name coach not these yes men with a clipboard. We have alot of talent hopefully this time someone can actually use it.
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    You guys have no chance. The Raiders aren't even looked at as an active NFL team really anymore by most fans. I know I don't consider them a real team anymore. They're basically just a group of guys that wear black and Silver and show somehow play NFL teams each week to where it's almost like it's being done for charity to even let them play at this point.

    I can't even feel sorry for Raiders fans like I have the last few years, because anyone that would still support this slop of an organization that keeps train wrecking is basically asking someone to punch themselves in the nuts over and over and over and over. The Raiders will never even be respectable until Al Davis has a stroke or a heart attack and dies. Until that happens, Raiders fans are just begging to get kicked in the nuts.

    Now I'm not telling you this to be mean or to be rude, or to be a jack ass, even though it might come off that way. It's simply the truth and this article is just one more valid reason why. There is no chance for this organization to have success while Davis is still alive. It's not even fair to the rest of the league to have to see, hear, and deal with a team that is such a waste of time at this point. It's like having a handicapped kid on your basketball team that can barely even run or jump or see that you have to have on your roster to where he's got to get at least 5 minutes in a game where it hurts the team and it wastes everyone's time. I think most fans honestly wish that the NFL could just step in and take over the Raiders or boot them out of the league and let some other expansion team come in that will actually display some sort of competence, because Al Davis vows to make this team a constant train wreck. Everything about the Raiders is a waste of time at this point.
  17. Androidraider24

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    We arnt bandwagoners, we cant choose how the team is run but we dont quit.

    Im sure you are a life long texan fan :icon_rolleyes:... or just hopped on the wagon because you cant support your original team.
  18. russian.tank

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  19. Skarecrow7

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    money talks, bullcrap walks. Only way for things to change for the long suffering raider fans is to stop going to games, stop buying anything raiders.

    I heard a story about my grandfather. He was driving my brother home from mowing the lawn and almost got into an accident because he didn't use his blinker and basicly cut somebody off. When my brother asked why he didn't use a blinker, my grandfather replyed, "I always go this way, he should have known I was turning". That is Al Davis.. he is old, he has always done things his way, and everyone else should just get out of his way... and if things don't work out it is someone else fault.
  20. Daddy Primetime42

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    hahahaha the long time texan fan really speaks for the rest of the nfl fans. dude i dont expect you to know anything about the history of my team, you think you know whats going on by the headlines you read or by taking a look at the stat sheet. Im not an AL davis fan but i do know he help put the nfl on the map. yes times are are rough but like a roller coaster it will go up eventually, what you say is plain stupid we won 5 games this year with an inept quarterback and coach, we beat some of the best teams this season, 2 which are playoff teams. I guess if the texans never make the playoffs youll be jumping ship, get on the cowboy bandwagon people always do this time of year.