Raiders WR Louis Murphy Feels The Buzz Around The Team Is Real

Discussion in 'Oakland Raiders' started by SRW, Jul 9, 2010.

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    Louis Murphy says the “buzz†around the Raiders this offseason is undeniable. Heading into his second NFL season, Murphy had a difficult time describing the feeling around the Raiders this offseason, but told fans during a live chat on Friday the offseason changes have generated a different atmosphere. “There’s a buzz going around the locker room,†Murphy said. â€Everyone is upbeat and ready for the season. I think the buzz is a real buzz — it’s not false enthusiasm. … Offseason workouts were great, a lot of guys showed up. I can’t explain this buzz. Everyone is energetic and excited because we all feel we’ll have a great season.†That buzz — led by the return of coach Tom Cable, the addition of QB Jason Campbell and offensive coordinator Hue Jackson — prompted Murphy to tell fans he believes the Silver & Black will be in the playoffs this season.

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    "There's a buzz going around the locker room,"

    I guess they found the codeine stash...
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    Sounds good I have hope for the first time in years
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    I expect considerable improvement but we still have a loooong way to go and a lot of if's before we can be considered anything more than average.
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    ill believe it when i see it...and i hope to god i do
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    The Raiders will be better, but I don't think they are quiet a playoff team yet. They still have questions along the offensive and defensive line. But they will be better than in years past, probably close to a 500 team, which I am sure most Raider fans will be ecstatic over.
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    We have been a quarterback away for years now. I hear jason cambell has been precise and is fine tuning his skills with a prety seasoned veteran QB Brett Favre. Now if that isn't something different coming out of Oaktown i'm not sure what is. The raiders WILL be competetive, we put strength in the trenches through the draft and added and deleted a QB....Let the stars shine it's goona be heaven on earth in Oakland and the Nation this year.
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