Rams Dealing With Lease Issue As London Ticket Sales Suspended

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    Ticket sales for the NFL's annual game in London have been suspended while the St. Louis Rams try to solve an issue regarding the lease on their stadium. NFL UK said in a statement on its website that the Rams "have expressed optimism that a resolution is near" and it expects the ticket sales to resume shortly. "We're going to play the London games," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Friday. "We hope it will be with the Rams and the New England Patriots next year. That's what we planned. ... But there are issues that obviously are going to have to get resolved. We know there are discussions going on. We hope that will get resolved shortly." The Rams are scheduled to host the Patriots at Wembley on Oct. 28 and have agreed to give up a home game in each of the next three seasons to play in London. However, that apparently clashes with the team's lease on the Edward Jones Dome, where the Rams play their regular home games. "The reason for the postponement [of ticket sales] is to allow the Rams and their stadium authority time to finalize the technical amendments to the lease required under the terms of the Rams' commitment to London," NFL UK said.

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    Morons at NFLUK set a date for ticket sales when it was already public that the Rams were breaking the lease agreement, and only announced that sales were being stopped as it was meant to go live.

    They can't even get a simple ticketing process right after multiple attempts, god help them if they did somehow get a franchise.