Rams Trade For Falcons Reserve WR Laurent Robinson

Discussion in 'St. Louis Rams' started by MediaGuy, Apr 6, 2009.

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    The Falcons traded reserve wide receiver Laurent Robinson to the St. Louis Rams on Monday. As part of the trade, the Falcons and the Rams swapped positions in the fifth and sixth rounds of the draft, Atlanta announced in a release. The Falcons sent their fifth round pick (160th overall) and sixth round pick (196th) to the Rams and received the Rams fifth round pick (138) and their sixth round pick (176).

    Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  2. theeraser21

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    good move by both teams. Douglas overtook him, and Finneran got more action last year. The Rams only had three players who are viable options in Derek Stanley, Donnie Avery, and Keenan Burton.
  3. Paintballer8791

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    thats probably a great move for laurent robinson, he might get a chance to start
  4. Roy31

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    Nice trade... Robinson has some upside, needs to do a better job of catching the ball.
  5. 86WARD

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    He's got as much chance as anyone at starting...he showed some potential his rookie season and then did heck all in '08. You'd think he'd do a little better in '08 with Matt Ryan at the helm.
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    the sky is blue, figured I would throw out an obvious statement too
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    He was in the Smitty's doghouse all year long. He even made some public statements questioning Robinson's toughness. He was no more than a #4 WR for us, so it was a good move to get something for him before he gets cut. If this wakes him up, the Rams will be getting a very talented player. It really hinges on whether or not he can man up and stay on the field and play through minor injuries.
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    Im actually pretty disappoitned we made this trade.
    Consiering he is a 3rd round pick, id of liked to have given him 1 who injury free year as i think he could have been valuable. The total worth fo this trade is what? a 7th rounder probably

    On the other hand we moved up twice and gavce away a player who has contributed

    All the best Laurent
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    i kind of like some of the moves the rams are making. we'll see if this kid can play.