Randy Moss number 81?

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by moses, May 28, 2007.

  1. moses

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    Hey there,

    Sorry Im a little new to this (..my first post?!) but I just had some cat trying to sell me a Randy Moss #81 New England Patriots jersey. Sorry maybe I have been living under a rock and this has passed me over (...I actually live on a dirty big dry one called Australia and nfl news is a little slow to get down here!) but I thought he hadn't made a decision yet? I checked the patty's website and they haven't issued a number yet. I know this cat was just playing me but out of interest does anyone know what he'll do considering both 18 and 84 are out of the picture????

    Surely he won't go with 81? :confused:


  2. ollysj

    ollysj iKraut

    I guess he will make a deal for #84 with TE Watson
  3. SRW

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    He looked odd in #18.....what about #88 like his old Marshall number?

  4. ollysj

    ollysj iKraut

    18 is Stallworth and 88 is Kyle Brady. Maybe Stallworth is up for a trade too
  5. SRW

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    And Kyle Brady could use some extra cash.
  6. Horrorshow

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    Would #420 be appropriate? ;)
  7. Sweets

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    Welcome to GIF Moses, glad to see you jumping in and posting, just ck here for news we try and keep up with it pretty well. Another Raider fan in the mix, NastyNate will be happy.;)
  8. Cletusaurus

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    We likely won't find out Moss' new number until the Pats have their first mandatory minicamp... or the passing camp that's closed to the public coming up soon.
  9. DaBearsrule4ever

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    Yeah, I second that Randy Moss did look weird wearing #18 for the Raiders. I'm not used to seeing WRs wearing that low of a number, LOL.
  10. ollysj

    ollysj iKraut

    Or Moss runs his mouth about it

    btw. welcome back Cletusaurus
  11. SRW

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    Yeah I am not a big fan of WR's wearing numbers in the teens.
  12. DoubleC

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    Me neither. I really dislike that.
  13. Cletusaurus

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    Yeah, but that's what they have to do with numbers being RETIRED. He really doesn't have much choice if he wants one in the 80s that doesn't cost him anything. Why not 81? It could symbolize a fresh start sort of thing.
  14. Walnuts

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    I would personally hold off on buying jerseys of new players until at least TC, if not preseason. At that point its pretty set in stone, but knowing Moss I would not be surprised to see him deal his way into either 84 or 18 before then. Or maybe, he is just as apathetic about what number he wears as he is about playing football, and will take whatever is available.

    I see on Ebay they have Moss jerseys available that dont have a number designated as of yet, and they state "Please note- No number has been chosen yet by Randy." and "Please note this is a presell auction for Sizes 48 thru 54, you pick the size when making payment. Jerseys are expected to be ready in 3 weeks after Randy has chosen his #."


    However, there are also some of these, with #81 already on it...


    And, from nflshop (the most official, I would guess)...also undesignated number...


    I'm not saying it isn't 81, but I would say it's not for sure yet by any means.
  15. DoubleC

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    Well at least, that's fair to the buyers...
  16. nastynate184

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    yes welcome can never have enough raiders fans in here espically wiht all teh 49er fans coming out of the woodwork.... anyways i think randy should go the xfl way and use letters instead of numbers... he could be the first player with douche bag on his jersey.
  17. moses

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    No worries Nate... I'll be there through thick and thin with the silver and black. Just watch, two years I reckon (...or hope?!). And heck a Randy Moss jersey anyway, he's too overatted that mo-fo, give me a dirty big number '2' in silver and black with RUSSELL written on the back any day...

    Yeah boy...
  18. linz_renee

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    Apperantly Randy is just not as cool as Donte... he can pull off 18 just fine.
  19. Bruschi#54

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    At training camp he is wearing jersey no. 81 - so it seems that this will be his number.
  20. Walnuts

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    I thought he was wearing #6?

    Oh and Tedy Bruschi is washed up like yesterdays sock laundry.