Randy Moss Questions Patriots Game Plan

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    Bill Belichick pulled a Randy Moss, leaving the field before the end of Super Bowl XLII, and then when the game actually did end, Randy Moss questioned the Patriots game plan. Apparently, when you don't lose often, dealing with a defeat can be a tricky thing. Belichick, who doesn't have a reputation as a gracious loser in the first place, decided after a fourth-down pass fell incomplete with a second remaining, marched across the field with a flock of photographers trailing him. He shook hands with Giants coach Tom Coughlin then walked off the field.

    Source: NBCSports.com
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    ummm where's the BLAST???? all i got is a copycat thread of the "Bill Belichick leaves the field early" with Randy's name in the title.

    I'll check ESPN.com to see if i can dig up the dirt that Randy layed out if there was any.......we all were waiting for Randy to crack after they actually lost a game
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    Agreed. Please don't editorialize in the headline, TDJ. I changed the headline to match the article it sources.
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    Ok lol, I did it to get the article some attention
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    Thought you were a reporter TDJ....not an editorialist. If you're gonna report the news cool...got an opinion then post that too.
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    This isn't a headline at all....moved to the AFC forum.
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    You had me all excited...
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    :tsk: Now I don't get the joke at all. Damn. :tsk: