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Discussion in 'Minnesota Vikings' started by Walnuts, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. CaptainStubing

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    i could have guessed the hawks. they seem to want to give every player in the league a look right now.

    i still think everyone is underestimating how much work it's going to take for a team to get moss's head straight AND he's going to have to learn a new playbook .............. most teams would not bring him in. Moss isn't going to be able to help a team this year. his season is ostensibly over. the only reason it 'might' have worked with the vikings is because it was still so early in the year that by december/january, he could have helped. at this point, though, being november, moss isn't going to help a team.
  2. K Train

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    moss doesnt really learn playbooks....he runs deep and sideline routes and catches the ball when its thrown to him. its not like he run blocks or anything lol
  3. Walnuts

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    Sure he can help someone, dont be silly. He doesnt have anything to learn since all he runs is fly routes and nothing else. No blocking, nothing. Whoever picks him up just has to be aware of that and just send him downfield every time he's in.
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    Even if another team picks him up for this season, Minnesota still has to pay the rest of his contract for the year.
  5. If he's claimed on waivers...that team will pick up his contract.

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    He won't play for a team that doesn't have a legit chance for a Super Bowl this year. He won't play for the bottom feeders. I doubt he ends up back at New England, being they didn't particularly want him back after this year. He'd play hard for a team like Pittsburg or the Colts. I expect the Colts to take a look at him. Him and Peyton would be a good fit.
  7. CaptainStubing

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    :icon_cheesygrin: your observation that he only runs deep and sideline routes is the problem that crops up only when Moss is 'not happy'. When he is focused, he runs every route in the playbook exceptionally well and he can be dominant. However, as we all know, the problem is that, most of the time, he's very lazy with his routes and just doesn't want to put the effort into getting open unless it's a post or a go route. When he's not right in the head, the guy is more of a liablity than an asset for a team because they're playing 10 on 11 with Moss walking his routes.

    That's a big risk for a team to take.
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    But that has to happen within 24 hours of him being released.
  9. CaptainStubing

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    you believe that a team would view moss as an asset by just sending him on a go route every play?

    the times when moss is a benefit to a team is when he is running ALL of his routes with full effort, therefore setting up the post and the go.
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  11. Yes....just clarifying what you left out. :icon_wink:
  12. K Train

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    id be completely ok with moss and wallace running a foot race down the field every play regardless of whats called
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    I just listened to that video again and they said Minnesota would still owe Moss that money even if he is claimed on waivers. If he becomes a free agent he still gets his contract from Minnesota and he could a deal from another team this year too.
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    Don't tell me your actually wasting time thinking about it?
  15. Usually....when a team claims a player off waivers....the team that claims the player picks up the contract.

    Wait....the Vikings did re-do Moss' deal after acquiring him from New England. That may be the reason why Minnesota is still on the hook.
  16. K Train

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    oh i know the steelers would never bring me such joy as far as a roster move. they prefer drafting evander hoods and signing randle els and realeasing thaddeus gibson. heckers
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    Why would the Bucs want to bring that butthole down here when we have all that young talent on offense?
  18. K Train

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    im not sure what you mean by this. when he was traded the vikings got moss and his patriot contract. if he gets picked up on waivers the team who claims him gets the contract with him. if he clears waivers he is free to sign a new deal with any team and minny still has to honor his contract.

    his salary isnt too high, its not like when deangelo hall was waived with a $70 million price tag and we all knew no one was gonna touch that insanity
  19. This whole thing is a mess anyway......lol

    The Vikings re-did Moss' deal.....thought that had a factor in the waiver process.