Randy Moss Waived

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    :icon_cheesygrin: Bruschi just threw Childress under the bus. Wow! Brutal. Called him a horrible coach, and after 3 years with Belichick, how would Moss not be frustrated playing for Childress. Funny crap, but true. They need to can Childress, now. Why heck around with it.
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    I'd be shocked if the Vikings canned Childress.
  3. Heard that as well.....Childress is also horrible in player management. Wilf may step and say enough is enough and fire Childress.

    Install Leslie Frazier as the interim head coach and interview him for the full-time gig in the offseason.
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    I'm sure Wilf will have plenty of time to interview him.
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    This is awesome. This gives me at least a little bit of respect for the Vikings organization after being treated like the chick with no self-esteem by Brett Favre for the last few years. Randy Moss has proven repeatedly that he's not going to try when his vag**a hurts, and it's looking pretty sandy right now. They might as well cut their losses. Good for them.
    (Sorry if somebody else said this first. I didn't read all 11 pages of comments yet)
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  6. Moss apparently will be waived tomorrow......the Vikings will activate Sidney Rice of the PUP list but he still weeks away from even making a contribution.

    And with Harvin nursing a serious ankle injury.....the Vikings can pretty much call it a year.
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    This is why I'm pissed about it...One of Childress' comments from earlier in the week
    Childress says crap like that all the time, last year while we were playing the Ravens and Ray Rice was playing well Childress was telling Peterson "see, he has a heart of a champion, that what we need" or something like that. Childress has thrown several players under the bus. It comes from the top down, I don't like what Moss said, but we hear crap like it from the head coach all the time.
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    I would think Zygi should be more mad that Randy Moss acted like such an butt clown, embarrassing his team after the work he did to bring him in
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    WTF?! when the owner doesn't even have the final say over waiving the star receiver something's messed up. They can't bring Moss back now/not waive him now that they've said all this goodbye crap. chance of childress being vikes' head coach in 2011: 0%
    chance of him finishing season as vikes' head coach: less.
  10. Adam Schefter: Twitter.com
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    Why the heck would the owner have final say? This isn't Dallas or Oakland. It's a football decision not a money bags decision.
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    lol...because when everything is said and done the owner owns the company and signs everyones check.
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    [Vikings] Randy Moss Waived
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    Childress also did waive the Vikings leading receiver on Chrismas Eve in 2006. Childress is the real cancer.
  15. Now I won't have to waste time by posting every news article from every team about Moss.....all right here in two sentences. :peace:

    Adam Schefter: Twitter.com
  16. I guess Jones will spend another 12 years regretting on passing on Randy Moss.....:icon_lol:
  17. The official waiver claim order for Randy Moss.....

    Jason La Canfora: Twitter.com
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    Lowest ranked team to claim him gets him.

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    Moss to the Chargers?
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    no one has mentioned the jaguars. they've been doing some goofy crap the last couple of years with personnel moves................. don't count them out.
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    I bet he winds up back in NE. Belichick has never been afraid to do things. Remember what he did with Kosar, Bledsoe, and Ty Law?