Ravens OT Michael Oher Calls Out ESPN Draft Analyst Todd McShay

Discussion in 'Baltimore Ravens' started by Sweets, May 4, 2011.

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    When Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher was heading to the NFL out of Ole Miss, his draft stock was downgraded by ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay for unspecified character issues. Oher had no known issues with the law and had a good reputation with his teammates and coaches and was the subject of the best-selling Michael Lewis book, "The Blind Side" that was eventually adapted into a popular movie with Sandra Bullock starring as his adopted mother. Oher was angry about the characterization from McShay at the time. And he remains fired up about McShay's remarks regarding him and other NFL draft prospects, especially since he said he never met the draft expert. "What is Character issues?!?" Oher wrote on his Twitter account in a rare rant from him. "Somebody tell me? I never got in trouble with the Law . . . yes sir no sir guy . . . But this Todd Mcshay guy acts if he knows ppl on a personal level get real!â€￾ What if someone was to talk about your son . . . and he had character issues!! "That's how my family felt. You need to meet ppl first and then judge them not go off what you hear!! . . .@McShay13 tell me what are character issues because I don't know... you said I had them and you never met me?! And I respect Mel Kiper way more then I respect you…your a joke!!â€￾ McShay hasn't responded to Oher's verbal assault.

    Source: National Football Post
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    This is why I like Oher.
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    Oh burn. Suck on that, McShay.
  5. Mcshay sucks.

    He is so dumb he confuses character issues with a player's demeanor. Oher was downgraded because of his passive demeanor. The smart teams knew that his quiet demeanor off the field wasn't a big issue because of how he played on it.
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    Good grief how many years ago was this said and he's just now sounding off. Like Ward said get over it.
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    Lashing out at Mcshay over a perceived slight from years ago that really is completely irrelevant to your life seems like a character issue to me.
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    @The_Real_M_Oher Ya gonna beat him up, bra?
  9. You actually care what McShay thinks of you?
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    I wouldn't care too much about what McShay thinks, but also think its cool for this guy to stand up to it, regardless of when it was said. It also is about other nfl players he criticizes, too.
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    O Digg this becouse too many times experts throw that description out ay people with explaining them selves

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    I support what Oher said what I question is the timing though. It has been what, two years? Maybe there was something that set him off. Maybe McShay spoke on the matter again and we're not aware of it.
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    Mcshay is a tool. He swore UP AND DOWN that Aaron Rodgers wouldn't amount to anything in this league...he went on to say that Brian Brohm was definitely the face of our franchise. Lol...hes a freaking idiot and i love watching him and kiper argue on draft day. He extremely arrogant and is wrong more often than he's right. Oher has every right to call him out years after because that is when you finally know how a draft pick pans out.
  14. guys, the reason Oher is bringing this up is becaus Mcshay said one of his best friends, Jerrell Powe, had character issues.

    Powe has NO character issues. He just gets bad grades because he has dyslexia.
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    I knew it had to be something to set Oher off. With that being said I am in complete support of his statements.
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    Makes sense that something like that would set him off. Makes sense that Oher would be pissed, and I love Oher, dude is right, Mcshay is the worlds biggest idiot, don't know why ESPN keeps him around.
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    Dyslexia and bad grades is a valid reason to downgrade a player. Maybe saying it is character issues is a mischaracterization but it's still legit reason to negatively impact a scouting report.

    But yeah...McShay does suck.
  18. yeah I completely agree but to call it character issues is just stupid.