RB Larry Johnson Disputes He's In Internet Rap Song

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    Kansas City Chiefs RB Larry Johnson denied he was the rapper in the now-infamous song that played virtually everywhere Friday on the Internet. Johnson's name has been connected to a song containing derogatory comments about the Chiefs, racial slurs, profanity and references to guns and weapons. He made a statement after practice Friday denying involvement. "I've had ongoing problems with people impersonating me on MySpace pages," Johnson said. "I've alerted NFL security about the rap song that's on the Internet that was supposedly rapped by me, which (it) isn't. It's in NFL security's hands, and I'm pretty sure they'll take care of it to the best of their ability. I'm really worried about the Chicago Bears on Sunday and let things go from there."
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9LIZXy1dyc"]The Larry Johnson Rap[/ame]
    Source: Adam Teicher, Kansas City Star
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    He needs to be more worried about the Bears than rapping.