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    By Neil Reynolds, March 2, 2007

    With the first group of American players set to arrive at NFL Europa League training camp headquarters in Tampa, Fla., next Thursday, coaches and players from all six clubs are excited about the challenges that lie ahead.

    Before the season kicks off on April 14, more than 350 professional football players will battle under the unforgiving Florida sun for a ticket to Europe. Only then can they begin to dream of World Bowl glory in the NFL Europa League.

    J.T. O'Sullivan will be back in action for Frankfurt

    Looking ahead to training camp, reigning Coach of the Year Mike Jones feels good about his defending champion Frankfurt Galaxy, especially the return of key veterans under center.

    "We are naturally very pleased to have J.T. O'Sullivan (Chicago Bears) and Kevin Eakin back with us," Jones admitted. "They know what it takes to win in this league and they will fight it out in camp, along with Bruce Eugene, who has a strong arm and good legs."

    The Galaxy will also be keen to get a first look at wide receiver Carl Ford (Detroit Lions) and running back Jesse Chatman. Both have seen plenty of playing time in the NFL. Chatman has played in 41 games with the San Diego Chargers and New Orleans Saints since 2002, rushing for 428 yards and 3 touchdowns, while adding 10 receptions for 115 yards, 6 kickoff returns for 120 yards and 30 special teams tackles.

    Jones added: "Our squad looks good on paper but we must wait and see how they perform in training camp. The players will have the chance to prove themselves and they may turn out to be better than we thought."

    Last year's beaten finalists, the Amsterdam Admirals, head into training camp with Baltimore Ravens-allocated quarterback Drew Olson likely to come under the media spotlight in Florida.

    Despite having one of college football's most prolific passers on his squad, head coach Bart Andrus will give all his quarterbacks an equal opportunity to win the starting job, as he explained: "I feel very fortunate to have Drew Olson, Matt Bohnet and Corey Bramlet, and all three will get a chance during training camp.

    "From what I have seen of Drew, he is a great player and people I have talked with who know him are really positive. I am happy to have him but I am also happy about the other guys we have on our team. I am hoping we will be in a position to really compete when the season starts. We need to make sure we are ready from game one."

    Olson is excited about playing for the Admirals, revealing: "One of the people who told me a lot of positive things about Amsterdam was Steve McNair. The Ravens quarterback was coached by Bart Andrus during his time with the Tennessee Titans. He told me about the offensive style coach Andrus has so I asked the Ravens organization if they could place me with Amsterdam. I am looking forward to playing with the Admirals."

    Rookie head coach John Allen will take a long look at former fifth-round draft choice quarterback Omar Jacobs (Kansas City Chiefs) when the Berlin Thunder opens camp.

    Allen said: "I'm very excited about our quarterbacks and feel they give us a chance to compete. I have a good feeling about our talent and I like where we're at following the draft. I am looking forward to the start of camp and getting these guys onto the field."

    Jacobs, who was a Heisman Trophy contender at Bowling Green, added: "It's a privilege to be a part of NFL Europa. I'm excited to get the experience, to play football and to showcase my talent at this level.

    "The competition for the starting job should be fun. When we get into camp it will be the coach's decision but I'm going to be competitive and give it my all."

    Quentin Griffin is one of several familar faces on Hamburg's roster

    Hamburg Sea Devils will have a host of names familiar to NFL fans on their practice field in Florida, including running backs John David Washington (St. Louis Rams) -- son of Hollywood actor Denzel -- and former Denver Broncos starter Quentin Griffin. At wide receiver will be former first round draft choice of the San Francisco 49ers, Rashaun Woods, while returning quarterback Casey Bramlet (Washington Redskins) will be firing the passes.

    Head coach Jack Bicknell said: "I think we have a good team. Obviously you never know until the end of training camp -- and sometimes it takes two or three games into the season -- but I think we had a good draft."

    Bramlet, who started for the Sea Devils in 2005, admitted: "I'm happy to come back. Hamburg treated me really good two years ago. I don't know if I am going to start or not -- coach Bicknell will decide that after training camp. Do I know the system? Yes. Is it an advantage? We will see."

    Cologne Centurions head coach David Duggan took over his club in training camp last season. This time around he has had the opportunity to oversee his own allocation and draft, and he is excited about the results.

    "I'm looking forward to Tampa, where we will see great competition among all our players," Duggan revealed. "We are very satisfied with our NFL allocation and draft. Now it's our turn as coaches to make a team out of these young and talented guys."

    The Centurions will look to build their attack around Kansas City Chiefs-allocated running back Derrick Ross, who played in seven games for the AFC West club in 2006.

    Duggan insists: "In Derrick Ross, we got the best running back in the entire NFL allocation to NFL Europa."

    Rhein Fire will have a new head coach at the helm when training camp kicks off but one who has seen it all before in Rick Lantz, the man who led Berlin to back-to-back World Bowl appearances in 2004 and 2005.

    "I'm really excited about what we have here," the 2004 Coach of the Year said. "My new coaching staff is excellent. We worked very hard on the draft, and the players on the Fire roster are guys we liked and wanted to have. We can't wait to start the 2007 campaign."

    Cody Pickett brings veteran leadership to the Rhein Fire

    The Fire will have a quarterback with genuine NFL experience under center in Florida as Cody Pickett started two games with the San Francisco 49ers in 2005.

    Lantz said: "Cody Pickett is a veteran by NFL Europa standards. He has a strong personality and a real leader. He is a tough guy, like a real cowboy."

    Centers and offensive skill position players arrive in Tampa on March 8 and will be joined by remaining offensive linemen, defenders and kickers and punters on March 10. The first group will hold passing camps across the Tampa Bay area before the full squad practices begin on March 14 with combined workouts and game-condition scrimmages scheduled for March 20, 24, 28 and 31.
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