Redskins Ban Signs From FedEx Field

Discussion in 'Washington Redskins' started by Sweets, Oct 28, 2009.

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    I'm beginning to think that Redskins owner Dan Snyder might be making things worse between the fans and the team. Throwing millions at over-the-hill players is one thing, but putting unreasonable in-stadium restrictions on the tens of thousands of supporters who battle beltway traffic to endure three hours of what now passes for football ... well, let's just say the persecuted are mobilizing. In the wake of the team's latest loss -- a 27-17 Monday night matchup with the Eagles that the 'Skins never had a chance of winning -- comes reports that a few fans were ejected from FedEx Field for wielding anti-Snyder signs.

    Source: Fanhouse
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    What a huge DOUCHE BAG!
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    Anti Synder signs?


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    Thats just like a Bears fan bringing an anti McCaskey sign into Soldier Field. Sadly, fans really aren't allowed to express their feelings towards the owner of a franchise on a team message board and at that team's game and it's really sad but not suprising the fans that brought the anti Synder signs got booted from Fed Ex Field on monday.
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    we havent been allowed to have anti-front office signs for a few years already.
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    i'm a little concerned about the nazi-like ego's that a lot of these teams have now. a lot of these teams are getting very strict with what they will 'allow' from their fans. i don't like where this is going. it's almost like they think they're doing US a favor by letting US give them our money. will this attitude play a part in the new CBA? stay tuned.
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    Somebody should take a dump on his front door.

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    Which stadium originally started the brown paper bags over their heads to hide their identity, because their team sucked so bad? I thought that was the best protest not using words.
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    LMAO! Rep for that post!

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    Honestly, making those kinds of is a waste of time anyway when you will either have the sign taken away or just get booted from the stadium.
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    This is referred to as freedom of speech.
    I saw plenty of Nobama bumper stickers during the 2008 election.
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    lol Snyder is a fascist.
  13. SoDev

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    Don't worry guise... you can have other signage! :icon_smile:



    D.C. Sports Bog - UPDATE: Geico Redskins signs ok at FedEx Field
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    Wow. I never thought a woman could look so appealing wearing Redskins gear. :)
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    Class act.

    Heard the media whether it be tv or radio aren't allowed to interview fans tailgating anymore either while on Skins property.
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    i agree, but we had some creative signs back in the day. we had someone they called sign-guy that would rip into the front office. crap they were stopping people that had anit-vick shirts on.
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    What a freaking joke...

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    Looks like she should be playing football. :icon_eek:

    No wonder they're a bunch of losers. :icon_rolleyes:
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    All of the fans should stop going to the games and make the org. suffer for this crap.
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    they need a game on ESPN with many potential signs are in my head