Redskins CB DeAngelo Hall thinks he's best in the NFL

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    To be a successful professional athlete, you need to have a certain amount of confidence in yourself to go up against the very best that your sport has to offer on a week-to-week basis. Because of that, we often see plenty of athletes come across as "cocky" or "arrogant," but most back up their talk with their play. Then, there is Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall. Despite ranking among the worst cornerbacks in the league - ranked Hall 84th out of 110 cornerbacks - Hall does as much talking as anyone in the NFL. Recently, Hall discussed where he ranked among NFL cornerbacks and he believes that he is better than anyone in the league - including Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, who many consider the best. Sure, Hall's confidence is admirable, but his comments are laughable. You could ask any NFL reporter or analyst who the top cornerbacks in the league are and virtually no one would name Hall.

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    Hall is one of a kind (personality).

    But on the field, he can be great, I think the overall defense fails him many times. As a one on one coverage he does rank amongst the best.
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    Where ?
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    Hall just wants Hall to be relevant again.