Redskins GM Bruce Allen Says Salary Cap Penalty ‘A Travesty Of Fairness’

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    Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen said Monday that the team will continue to consider its options in the salary cap case but has no current plans to file a lawsuit over the matter.

    Allen said he remains hopeful that the team still can regain some of its lost salary cap space but declined to specify what options the Redskins believe they still have to try to recoup cap space.

    “There are some,â€￾ he said. “We’re just going to continue. We’d like to know the truth.â€￾

    Allen denied that the Redskins have contemplated filing a lawsuit. However, other people familiar with the situation have said the Redskins have given consideration to legal action.

    Allen was highly critical of the salary cap penalty given to the Redskins, calling it a “travesty of fairness.â€￾

    Source: Washington Post