Redskins' Gruden Backs GM On Potentially Drafting QB With Fifth Pick

Discussion in 'Washington Redskins' started by markaz, Mar 25, 2015.

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    Redskinscoach Jay Gruden echoed the sentiments of general manager Scott McCloughan, who said Tuesdaythe team would not hesitate to take a quarterback with the fifth pick in theNFL Draft.

    With the Bucs widely expected to take Jamies Winston with the No. 1 pick in the draft, Marcus Mariota could still be on the board when the Redskins pick.

    “It's something we have to talk about in-house,” Gruden said Wednesday, per “If we think it's worth the risk to hit the reset button, if he's that good of a football player, if we decide in the building that he's that good of a football player that we think we should do that, then we should do that.

    “We'll see. That has not been determined yet, obviously. We have some time to determine whether or not we want to go that direction. [Mariota] is a heck of an athlete, I'll tell you that. And Jameis is a heck of passer. Two very good options to have if you are in need of a quarterback and you think you want to go that direction, then they are both worth going that direction for probably.”

    The Redskins are still debating whether to pick up the fifth-year option for quarterbackRobert Griffin III.

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  3. 86WARD

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    Again...real talk or looking for a 5th-Overall Pick Suitor?
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    Way to say a whole lot of words without saying anything whatsoever worth hearing.
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    the redskins season is f--ked anyway. the 2015 season will be a pissing contest between gruden and rg3. at the end of the year,they will both be gone.jay gruden is a joke of a coach,rg3 had one good year and that's it. both of them are full of shirt!
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    A lot of the reason he sucks is because is uncoachable.won't listen to anybody cause he thinks his shirt does'nt stink! gruden is a total idiot too.anytime you have a chance to hire fangio and you pass on him and give the job to somebody who has never been a DC before,you are a huge idiot and not confident of your own ability.
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    Just watch....Griffin will have a banner year and the 'Skins defense will rank Top 5 this year. What's Danny boy sayin' about Griffin these days?
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    no way that ever comes close to happening. they will have a better defense,but the oline will be worse than last year's cluster f--k was.
    i never pay attention to snyder much when it comes to football. if brains are dynamite he does not have enough to blow his billion dollar nose.i am hoping our new gm can bring in the coach he wants,not the one allen and snyder forced on him.
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    All of these things.
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    They might as well draft a QB, RGIII is done anyways.
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    redskins should trade rg3 to the texans.he'd fit in great there and they could get something like a 5th round pick for him.i'd rather see that than see this upcoming season turn into a measuring contest between gruden and rg3 which is what will happen.if we draft MM,the situation will really get ugly fast.
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    regardless of whose fault it is the rg3 era is over in d.c.

    the skins would be stupid not to take a run at winston or mariota. possibly wait to get hundley in the 2nd.
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    if the titans do not take MM,they are flat out fools because so many other teams want him.they could benefit from drafting him and trading him.rumour going around that they are gonna draft him and trade him to the chargers for phillip rivers and the chargers 1 st round pick this year.