Redskins QB Donovan McNabb Could Be A Target For The Dolphins?

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  1. ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter speculates that Donovan McNabb could be a target for the Dolphins if the team brings aboard Brad Childress as their offensive coordinator. Schefter points out that both moves are "big ifs." Childress was McNabb's offensive coordinator at Philadelphia and would run the west coast offense which McNabb is intimately familiar with. McNabb is a nice fit for a Dolphins team that is in win-now mode, though we imagine they would wait until the Redskins release the veteran quarterback. Chilldress is owed $3 million each of the next two seasons, and any money he earns from another job would be deducted.

    Source: Adam Schefter:
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    I could see this, but it would take a lot. Plus the Dolphins would have to do some draft moves to get a successor because Henne just doesn't have the IT factor.
  3. KISSman

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    If he could still play at a high level, he would be a nice fit.

    For the Dolphins sake, I hope they do a little more research on McNabb than they did on AJ Feeley when they brought him in to be their starter.
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    While McNabb is certainly not an elite NFL QB he is much better than Chad Henne, being stuck in a bad system in Washington does not change that fact. He can hold the team over while they draft a rookie QB and groom him to be their franchise QB.

    I think its a good fit but can they get a deal done.
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    race you to it dolphins