Redskins QB Donovan McNabb Refused To Wear Wristband In 2010

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  1. Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb reportedly refused to wear a wristband after he struggled to remember plays last season. Head coach Mike Shanahan pressed for the wristband, but McNabb declined because it would have been "bad for his image." McNabb has been one of the most image-conscious athletes of his generation, and he was concerned that the wristband would project the image that he couldn't learn Shanahan's offense. Owner Daniel Snyder was reportedly "pissed" at Shanahan for his inability to enforce the wristband. There's zero chance that McNabb will play for the Redskins in 2011.

    Source: 106.7 The Fan Washington
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  2. So getting benched twice in one season and then deactivated protected your image?
  3. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    thank god this freaking circus left town.
  4. Omen

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    Well said I was thinking this

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  5. DontKnowMe

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    diva :icon_rolleyes:
  6. KISSman

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    I remember one of the hosts on the sports radio station in Philly outing McNabb for wearing non-prescription glasses at the after-game press conferences so he could look smarter. LOL

    He has always cared way too much about his image -- that's why he always managed to throw everyone else under the bus when they lost the big games.
  7. phiglesphan

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    Lolz at the Shanahan sanctioned smear campaign being underway. Mostly case the way things are looking he has no options at QB even remotely close to the level of 5
  8. 86WARD

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    McNabb Drama >= Favre Drama.

    Didn't want to wear a wristband? Really? lol...
  9. mike oxlong

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    Lolz at Phigles never say die blind love for mcnabb.
  10. phiglesphan

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    :-D Nothing blind about it
  11. 86WARD

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    Of course he denies's part of McNabb. It wouldn't be Donovan unless the story was she said, she said.
  12. phiglesphan

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    Where have you seen him deny it?
  13. HailttRedskins

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    Kelli Johnson reported a little while ago that Shanahan never asked McNabb to wear one, so therefore he couldn't have refused to wear one.

    A friend of mine, Syracuse fan said that he wore one in college and wouldn't see why he'd be against wearing one now.
  14. phiglesphan

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    Oh that's didn't. You just couldn't read well enough to understand the other story before you spewed more bullcrap about 5
  15. smeags

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    i'm not taking a side here or care enough to find out whats true or not, like i said earlier i am happy this drama is off the eagles.

    that is all.
  16. 86WARD

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    more blinded love...more McNabb drama.

    I guess I should've paid closer attention. I got a little excited and assumed that it was more McNabb bullcrap. Which it
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  17. bigsexyy81

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    This x100.
  18. phiglesphan

    phiglesphan BANNED too. It's alot more fun having a reformed psycopath as the face of our franchise...especially when the results were so much better,eh!
  19. smeags

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    yep, anything is better than dealing with a bedwetter as the face of your franchise.

    especially when the team never won the title with said bedwetter.
  20. bigsexyy81

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    Hey, at least he's got that killer instinct! Something 5 never had!