Redskins QB Robert Griffin III Could Return In 8 Weeks After Ankle Injury

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    Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III's recovery period was made a little clearer Wednesday, putting a possible return at around eight weeks.
    Coach Jay Gruden said the third-year quarterback will be in a cast for the next 10 days, after which he'll likely spend four to six weeks rehabilitating his dislocated left ankle.

    Griffin suffered the injury in the first quarter of Sunday's 41-10 win over Jacksonville. Initial fears of a possible fracture were dismissed Monday, and he required no surgery.

    Kirk Cousins will start in place of Griffin, and when asked what would happen if he was playing well upon Griffin's return, Gruden said they'll worry about that later.

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    Sounds like if Cousins is the "hot hand," RGIII will be sporting the headset.
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    Yeah really. RG3 just can't seem to stay on the field.
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    What if the R*dskins are 7-1 by that point and Cousins is playing out of his mind? Do they still start RG3?
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    easy there. 2 loses after sunday thank you.