Redskins Trade NT Albert Haynesworth To The Patriots

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  1. Before defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth could get to training camp and take his conditioning test, the Washington Redskins traded him to the New England Patriots for a fifth-round pick in 2013, according to league sources. Haynesworth still will have to pass his physical in New England, as any player in any trade would. Washington believes it is ridding itself of a player it had no intention of bringing back to its team this season, while New England is getting added help along its defensive line for a reduced price. The former Pro Bowl defensive tackle is scheduled to make $5 million this season. New England has had a propensity on reaching out for talented but troubled players and succeeding, having previously done so with running back Corey Dillon and wide receiver Randy Moss.

    Source: ESPN
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  2. I'll have more info in a few.......

    A fifth-round pick in 2013? Interesting.

    Belichick now has a hold of Albert Haynesworth. He'll reignite the fire in Haynesworth's butt.
  3. Article updated......
  4. Litez0ut

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    Haynesworth will go back to being a beast
  5. The biggest thing about this deal.......Haynesworth isn't an Eagle.
  6. PSID412USM

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    My guess is he play Defensive End
  7. Litez0ut

    Litez0ut Litez0ut Sucka

    Pats run a hybrid I believe. He will likely move inside on nickel downs
  8. TexanDynasty

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    Little risk, big reward. A 5th round pk in a couple of years.
    All the Patriots have to do is watch the film on the way Jim Washburn used him. And the Patriots know how to watch other teams films better than any1.:icon_deal:
  9. cover the spread

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    Not a fan of Fat Albert's attitude at all, but to geta guy with his talent for such a small price is a good move.

    BB knows how to deal with problem players, and after what happened in 09 he won't hesitate to cut a lockerroom cancer. If he can motivate Haynesworth this is a good move.
  10. cover the spread

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    holy crap, a motivated Haynesworth next to Vince Killfork?

    I really hope he turns into the defensive version of 07 Moss.
  11. 86WARD

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    That could be ugly for opposing teams...
  12. markaz

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    IMO it's not just Belichick and his mastery of motivation, Haynesworth's last gig was on a team with Dan Gilbert at the helm and his pension for knowing very little other than opening a checkbook. Now he's now playing for Robert Kraft and one of the best run teams in the NFL. The climate is completely different and I can't help but feel as though Haynesworth will feel like he's disease-free and ready to play for an owner and HC that he can respect. Just guessin'.
  13. Adam Caplan:
  14. andy82

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    The Patriots get Haynesworth: OMG Belechick is a legend he is master he's going to dominate with Haynesworth on his D.

    The other 30 teams get Haynesworth: This is a stupid move, he's a fat slob, useless, only plays for the money epic failure.
  15. 86WARD

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    He'll have a new lease on life, new attitude in NE. Comeback player of the him and McNabb.
  16. phiglesphan

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  17. The Red

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    I don't think McNabb will do crap!! Just my guess. Hope I'm wrong for wifeys sake. Thats her team lol
  18. Steve12

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    I'm pretty excited about this. If it works out he'll be amazing. No one can change a guy's attitude like BB and the Patriots lockerroom.

    And even if Haynesworth doesn't change his attitude BB won't hesitate to cut him. He won't be the problem he was in Washington.
  19. 86WARD

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    Come on know the Redskins were holding McNabb

    On topic though...Belichick does wonders with "problem children.". No reason to think he cant get the best out of Big Al.