Reggie Bush "Surprised" No Offer From Dolphins Yet

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    A source close to Reggie Bush said this week that Bush still badly wants to return to Miami, and his camp is confused as to why the Dolphins haven’t even made an offer yet.

    The Dolphins expect big things out of Lamar Miller in his second year next season, and it’s possible that even if Bush does return, he would have a limited role in the offense. But Bush, who was in Beijing last week as part of an NFL China initiative, has been essentially campaigning to return on his Twitter feed, particularly given a recent report that he is unlikely to be brought back. An example of the types of messages he has retweeted to his 2.75 million followers:

    “RT @chefdruker: @MiamiDolphins we need [MENTION=3675]Reggie[/MENTION]_bush in Miami. Do what’s right! He’s a leader & that is worth the money!â€￾

    Source: Palm Beach Post