Report: Call To Start Redskins' QB Robert Griffin III Came From Top

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    Multiple members of the Washington Redskins organization told Adam Schefter of ESPN this week that they believe the decision to go back to quarterback Robert Griffin III and away from Colt McCoy, who had led the team to two straight wins, is an owner- and general-manager-driven decision.

    Redskins executive Tony Wyllie strongly denied that, telling ESPN it was the "coach [Jay Gruden's] decision, and the owner has nothing to do with it -- scratch that."

    Owner Dan Snyder and general manager Bruce Allen are strong Griffin III supporters and sources tell ESPN they believe the time is right for him to return to the starting lineup.

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    They're going to derail his career
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    Wow... did Danny boy not watch McCoy last week?
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    If RG3 is their best option at qb to win then start him but when it comes down from the top, players will take exception to that no matter what team we're talking about.
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    sounds like more espn total bullshirt to me!!!
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    si bullshirt!!!
    if anybody has derailed his career,it is rg3 himself! he seems to not know shirt from sunshine!
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    Should've stuck with McCoy...

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    He was hobbling the whole game. Had no business in there
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    None. THere were several plays where he just either laid on the ground like he was injured or took a knee and an extra business playing in that game.
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    Heard that in the pre-game presser with Griffin that about 15 'skins players were there shouting so loud in disapproval of his return that had to move the presser to another location.:ROTFLMAO:
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    disgusting, vile organization.