Report: NFL finds 11 footballs were under-inflated in AFC title game

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    According to a report by ESPN's Chris Mortensen, the NFL has found that 11 footballs from Sunday's AFC Championship Game between the Patriots and Colts were under-inflated by two pounds each.

    Two pounds may not sound like a whole lot, but the NFL mandates that game-ready footballs be inflated with between 12.5 and 13.5 pounds of air. As noted by Yahoo!'s Dan Wetzel, a two-pound under-inflation means the balls were approximately 16 percent less inflated than normal.

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    At what point does the NFL stop the Patriots organization from disgracing the game?
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  4. TJ

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    Nah...Goodell will destroy all the evidence, fine Bellichick, maybe take away a draft pick and that will be it. Can't stay mad with his buddy Kraft, right?
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    again, what a shocker.
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    i do not know if they cheated or not,however i find the fact that brad johnson admitting to paying a league official 7500 dollars to scuff up superbowl game balls a lot more distressing than the footballs being under-inflatted a few pounds.
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    One of the possible punishments, according to ESPN, is to suspend Bellichick for the Super Bowl. I really doubt they go that far, but it got me thinking: if they go ahead and suspend him, and the Patriots still win the game, does it count towards Bellichick's total to tie Chuck Knoll?
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    Belichick should be suspended. The Patriots should be docked multiple early round draft picks and Kraft should be fined millions.

    If they slap them with a fine and lose a 5th Round pick, it's not enough.
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    did'nt they take away a 1st rounder for spygate? what they should do is exclude them from next year's draft by taking away all their picks.maybe even suspend bellichik the 1st 8 games of the season.
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    Whatever it is, it's got to be big and impactful. Especially with everything the league has gone through this past season with Ray Rice, Arian Peterson, etc.
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    Many are calling for belichik to be suspended next season.the league gave sean payton a whole year off because of bounty gate.this,if proven,will be the 2nd time the pats have been accused of the year of making examples out of players like AP and rice,goodell needs to make an example out of these coaches if it is proved they did it.
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    Wouldn't count on a punishment for Belichick and NE. Goodell and Kraft are buddies.:-(
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    Meh doesn't seem like that big of a deal. It certainly didnt cost the Colts the game or anything.
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    Behead the entire Patriots organization.
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    I think I saw on news ticker that the ball were re-inflated for the second.
    Baltimore also tipped off the Colts for the under-inflated balls
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    I tend to agree...however, how do we know that some key plays didn't happen because the ball was easier to throw, catch, hold on to?

    The deflated ball had no impact on the Colts lack of tackling...but maybe there was some subtle plays that occurred?

    Point is, they cheated...again.
  18. markaz

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    I just find it strange that for the first half not one of the officials noticed something. I just filled up an official NFL ball to 12.5 psi and took out a couple of pounds. The difference is very noticeable and for as many times as the line judge, head linesman or umpire had their mitts on those balls and not notice is just strange.
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    Cue @ram29jackson
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    Stuff like this makes it embarrassing to be a patriots fan. I can't really defend it.